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Regain Control of Your Life: Essential Considerations Before Selecting an Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility

If you or a loved one suffers from alcohol dependency, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Alcoholism is an incurable illness.  However, recovery is possible and lasting with professional help. Here, we outline essential points when selecting an alcohol rehab center.

Consider the Types of Treatment Programs Offered

The first consideration when selecting an alcohol rehab center should be what treatment programs it offers. Effective alcohol addiction therapy must address your specific needs while also considering physical, psychological, and emotional components of addiction. Seek a rehab center that offers evidence-based programs such as detoxification, inpatient or outpatient rehab programs, individual and group therapy and aftercare support services.

Ask About Their Success Rate

Bring up their success rate. Addiction treatment must focus on long-term recovery rather than short-term abstinence alone, so look for one which tracks its success rates to provide evidence of its effectiveness. Try monitoring patient completion rates, or abstainer retention rates after treatment or improved quality of life statistics as measurements for success rates.

Research Its Philosophy of Treatment

Do you agree with the rehab center’s philosophy of treatment for addiction? An addiction therapy approach that works should incorporate evidence-based practices tailored to meet your specific needs and take a holistic approach, including physical, psychological and emotional aspects of addiction and creating healthy coping mechanisms and relapse prevention plans. Not all alcohol treatment centers in Prescott, Arizona, offer a holistic approach, though, so consider your options carefully. 

Know the Staff-to-Patient Ratio

A key consideration when choosing an alcohol rehab center is staff-to-patient ratio. Addiction treatment must offer personalized attention and support from qualified medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and therapists who specialize in addiction. Look for a center with a low staff-to-patient ratio with experienced addiction professionals on their team, as they will have the greatest impact.

Consider If the Aftercare Program is Active

Inquire about the rehab center’s aftercare program. Successful addiction treatment centers emphasize long-term recovery for their clients. That’s why it’s crucial that aftercare support be included as an essential element. Aim for a rehab center which offers ongoing resources to maintain sobriety after you finish therapy. These could include support groups, individual therapy or family therapy programs.

Assess the Environment 

The environment of your rehab center plays an integral part in your healing. Search for one with comfortable and safe facilities that promote healing, including amenities that promote wellness. Furthermore, make sure the environment promotes recovery with its focus on healthy behaviors and habits.

Calculate the Costs

It is also essential to factor in cost when choosing an alcohol rehab center. Effective addiction treatment can be costly, so selecting one with affordable care at an acceptable cost should be your goal. Look for centers that accept your insurance or offer financing options, and be sure to inquire about any hidden charges or fees that might occur during treatment.

Selecting an alcohol rehab center is key to finding lasting recovery. With professional addiction recovery help and support, you can overcome alcoholism and regain your life.