10 Reasons Why Node.js is Better Than Any Other Language for Developing Your Website

If you’re considering using NodeJS to build your website or app, you’re probably researching your options and trying to find out which languages would be best to do that with. While there are plenty of choices out there, one option that you may have not considered before is NodeJS. Why? Well, NodeJS has some pretty strong benefits over other programming languages, like C++, Java and others. In this article, we’ll talk about 10 of those benefits, so let’s get started!

1) Performance

Node.js does not have a running process like Apache or IIS, which means that your website will always be up and ready to serve content immediately without having to wait on somebody else to restart it when it goes down. Node servers are also incredibly lightweight and use very few system resources, so you can easily run dozens of them at once without any slowing down your system resources UX consultant.

2) Asynchronous nature of javascript

One of the most important features of JavaScript, and the one that makes it so easy to use, is its asynchronous nature. Instead of waiting for a script to finish before executing another line, JavaScript will execute any lines in order – even if they’re part of separate scripts – and then go back to the first script when it’s finished. This makes it possible to perform multiple functions at once without having to worry about blocking other processes or threads on your machine.

3) The infrastructure which supports node is immense

Node has a massive following and tons of resources, which means that there are plenty of tutorials and articles to help you along the way. It’s also backed by Red Hat, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and many more companies that are eager to make it the most popular language in history.

4) ES6, an emerging standard

While you can use ES6 without a transpiler, any non-trivial code base will need one. The most popular transpilers are Babel and Traceur, with the latter being built into Google Chrome’s JavaScript engine.

5) The number of packages available in npm registry

Node.js has over 100,000 packages in the npm registry, with more being added all the time. The vast number of different packages available gives developers a great opportunity to find exactly what they need, whether that be a simple utility or an all-in-one framework like Express. And even when there isn’t a package out there to solve your problem, you can use one of the many modules available as a template and customize it to your needs!

6) Loose coupling and strong modularity with NPM modules

Node’s design philosophy is centered on making it easy to build scalable, fast web applications with lots of connections (which is why the two letters in Node stand for network). The language itself has a strong modularity and loose coupling, which means that it’s easy to change one part of your code without affecting other parts. This makes it easier to work on large projects with teams because developers can work on different pieces independently and then put them together at the end.

7) Larger eco-system

Node.js has a vast ecosystem of modules, tools, and frameworks that can be used to create the perfect website or application. For example, Express is a framework that helps with routing and parsing HTTP requests so you don’t have to do it manually in your code. This means you can spend less time on development and more time on what really matters—building your website or application!

8) First Mover Advantage

First mover advantage is also known as pioneer advantage or innovator’s advantage and in technology, it refers to being a leader in a given market by virtue of having introduced a new product or service first. That position gives you time to establish your reputation and brand equity while your competitors scramble to catch up, giving you time to gain a commanding position.

9) New web frameworks based on nodejs

Node.js is not the only web framework based on node. The most popular ones are: Express, Hapi, Koa, Restify and Sails. All of these frameworks provide a lot of features and functionalities that can be implemented in your web application to create a robust website with an excellent user experience and server performance.

10) Very fast setup time for a project

It’s easy to set up a new project with Nodejs and start writing code, which speeds up development and makes it easier to focus on functionality. If you have experience in PHP or Python, transitioning to the language might seem difficult because there are things that work differently. The benefits of using a nodeJS development company or freelance programmer is that they can be very adaptable and may be able to share their expertise with you when you need help understanding specific things about the language.

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