Reasons Why Ethical Hacking Is A Good Career Option

In light of the current COVID pandemic, businesses have significantly sped up their digital transformation processes. Enhanced network security and the hiring of additional network security professionals are necessities in light of this new technology. Professionals in network security are increasingly motivated to earn their CEH credentials as a growing number of companies recognize their importance. CEH training in Chennai educates students on the methods used by IT firms and experts. It also helps participants gain practical knowledge of security issues and how to respond appropriately to harmful breaches.

Due to the increase in cyber fraud, interest in ethical hacking has risen in recent years. There has been a rise in the number of reported cases of data theft and other forms of cybercrime recently. Gartner and Accenture estimate a $170.4 billion market for information security by 2022, and nearly 68% of worldwide C-suite executives think cybersecurity threats are growing.

Advantages of Pursuing a Career in Ethical Hacking

  • Massive Compensation Plans

Cybersecurity and ethical hacking have come to the fore as a means of protecting personal information in the wake of major data breaches. The cost of protecting corporate data from cybercriminals is a priority for many businesses, and as a result, they are willing to pay more. Cybersecurity experts are in high demand, and these companies are willing to offer a significant annual salary of roughly $71,331 to attract and retain them.

  • Gaining a Stronger Sense of Pride in One’s Work

One of the first things an ethical hacker must do is protect. Being trusted with so many people’s private information is incredibly gratifying. Hackers with malicious intent are continually trying to breach into systems and steal information. The job of an ethical hacker is to protect a company’s information and infrastructure from illegal intrusion.

  • Hacking Is Always Exciting

Ethical hackers, in contrast to “black hat” hackers, are entrusted with either reporting discovered security problems to appropriate authorities or creating workarounds for those flaws. There are still ethical hackers out there who like the thrill of hacking into networks to protect private information. Nothing about this job gets old.

Hackers will use every method they can get their hands on to get access to a system, and new methods are continuously being invented. In order to prevent malicious hackers from compromising sensitive information, ethical hackers must always be aware of the latest developments in the field. In order to steal sensitive information, hackers need only break into a system once, but security experts must continually prevent breaches.

  • Get International Attention

As a prerequisite to working as an ethical hacker, one must obtain CEH certification. Candidates’ familiarity with ethical hacking practices will be evaluated here. 

The certification will increase your market value and open doors to employment around the world. By 2025, the demand for information security professionals is expected to create as many as 3.5 million job openings.

Earning your CEH credential opens up doors to employment at Fortune 500 companies. Because of the widespread applicability of this skill set, professionals in this field can find work at any company, from tech titans like Google to luxury brands. This opens the door to employment opportunities at any company you want.

  • An Unending Stream of Future Opportunities

As was previously said, ethical hackers have a wide variety of career options available to them. There is a constant need for them. Due to a lack of qualified experts, the field of ethical hacking has considerable untapped potential. There will also always be loopholes in technology that malicious black hat hackers can use to their advantage for as long as technology does. 

The art of hacking, and the tools used to do such acts, will continue to evolve and develop in the years to come. As a result, students should consider ethical hacking as a serious career option because of its high demand.

  • Learning to Think Like a Hacker

Black hat hackers, who get into systems to steal sensitive data for financial gain, are one of a company’s greatest threats. One of the numerous benefits of learning ethical hacking is getting into the hacker’s head.  

The risk of a data breach can never be eliminated entirely, but it can be greatly reduced with the help of ethical hackers in the event of an assault. The mindset of a hacker is something that can only be learned via experience.

  • Help Make the Internet a Safer Place for Everyone

Cyberattacks are a problem for all businesses, not just the big ones. Everyone who uses technology is at a high risk of becoming a victim of a cyberattack. Users are routinely targeted by phishing emails and SMS messages that falsely claim they have won a large quantity of money and ask for personal information in exchange.

In order to safeguard oneself from cyberattacks, every tech user needs to have a foundational grasp of cybersecurity. The Internet security will improve for everyone if more people are trained in ethical hacking techniques.

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