QuickBooks Error 101

Usable methods to remove QuickBooks Error 101

QuickBooks allows users to link their bank accounts and execute online banking directly from the software. However, users can sometimes face problems due to QuickBooks Error 101 appearing during online banking. If you also encounter this error code on your QBO, read this blog till the end to learn its causes and the methods to remove it from your computer.

Eliminate this error quickly with the troubleshooting directions given by our QB support team at 1-(855)-546-5024.

Reasons why you get error 101 in QuickBooks

This banking error stops you from connecting your bank account to QuickBooks Online or updating new transactions. The conditions which provoke this error on your QBO are discussed below-

  1. Your QB Online is inactive, and the bank servers fail to authorize your sign-in due to it.
  2. The credentials you entered to access your bank account data are incorrect, resulting in issues during sign-in.
  3. There are unseen notifications or messages from the bank that need your acknowledgment.

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Solutions to help resolve QuickBooks error code 101

You won’t be able to efficiently perform online banking in QB until you remove this error from your computer. The simple methods to eliminate this QBO banking issue are discussed in the steps mentioned below-

Solution 1- Sign in to your bank account and check if it is active

You can face problems downloading the latest bank transactions in QBO if you enter incorrect account details to sign in to the bank account or if the account is inactive. You must have a remaining balance in the account, and transactions must occur in the account to keep it active. You’ll have to check this by accessing your bank account outside QBO and resetting your account password if necessary. Until then, you’ll keep receiving this error code whenever you perform a banking task in QBO. Use these steps-

  1. Open a new tab on your web browser or go to your bank’s website on another browser.
  2. Enter the details you entered in QBO and try signing in to your account.
  3. If you are able to sign in, check that the account is active. In case you receive an error while signing in to the bank account, click the Reset Password option and set a new password for your bank account.
  4. Enter this password in your QBO and try downloading the bank file in .qbo format from the website.

If the banking error appears again after entering new account details, move to the next solution.

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Solution 2- Check if there are unseen notifications or messages from the bank

Your QBO can also display this error if there are any new updates, offers, notifications, or messages from the bank that you need to acknowledge. Until you confirm that you have gone through the messages, you won’t be able to use your banking data. Use these steps-

  1. Sign in to your bank account in a web browser and go to the notifications and messages section.
  2. Check for any new updates from the bank or any changes in the terms and conditions you need to acknowledge.
  3. Refresh your bank account connection in QBO and perform the task again.


We have reached the maximum limit of this blog explaining why QuickBooks Error 101 stops you from performing a banking task or setting up online banking. The methods to fix the issue are mentioned in the blog, which you can apply to prevent the banking issues from affecting QBO again.

Consult our QB support team at 1-(855)-546-5024 if you run into problems while using the solutions.

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