Procedure to get MOFA Attestation in Sharjah

MOFA attestation in Sharjah means getting on the documents the certification for use from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. This MOFA attestation Sharjah is very important since it acts the best proof and confirmation of the authenticity of different types of certificates for instance the academic documents, commercial documents, personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and so on. 

Through MOFA attestation in Sharjah, these documents are eligible to be presented in foreign governments, institutions, and organizations for employment, education, business purpose, residence, or visa in foreign country.

MOFA attestation in Sharjah or MOFA legalization is a crucial procedure for multiple documents in the UAE. This is inclusive of the MOFA attestation Sharjah that makes the document recognized and valid in the UAE.

MOFA attestation in Sharjah would require submission of the following documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Original document: As for the identification document, as well as the document to be legalized like birth certificate, marriage certificate, educational certificates, divorce or any other official document.

Passport copy: You should provide your copy of the passport which encloses the travel details on the visa page.

Application form: Application form prescribed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State filled and signed by the applicant.

Here are the steps to follow to get the MOFA attestation in Sharjah:

Visit the MOFA Office: To start with the attestation process, you should visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Sharjah, which usually is the one near the city’s central business district. For the particular address and working schedule, it is better to check the MOFA website.

Submit Documents: Submit the documents to the MOFA office and ensure that you hand them to the concerned authorities. They will also brief you on the MOFA attestation Sharjah procedures and actions that needs to be taken.

Verification of Documents: At the MOFA, the MOFA authorities will verify the documents to make sure that they are genuine and not fake as well as make sure that they are still valid. They may need more documents or information if they need it.

Payment of Fees: Be prepared to pay the MOFA attestation Sharjah fees which may depend with the type of document as well as the specifications of the process. The MOFA office will issue you with a receipt of the payment made in the process.

Attestation Process: At MOFA office, the document will be signed by putting a MOFA stamp and seal on it. They may also need to be signed by an authorized official such as concerned authority.

Monitor the process: It is always important to track your application progress. It is wise to follow with MOFA to ensure the process is smooth without any delays. 

Collection of Attested Documents: Once the certifications are done the MOFA office will return the documents back to the applicant attested. Once documents are attested you can collect the documents directly or can arrange for a delivery by post.
The MOFA attestation in Sharjah is one of the significant processes of attesting and authenticating official documents in the UAE. Thus, adhering to the details stated herein, it is possible to secure the needed attestation on the documents. There are many Attestation service providers who assist you in the MOFA attestation Sharjah, however it is always wise to select the one with expert staff who has prior experience in the attestation process and has good customer satisfaction and deliver a reliable document MOFA attestation in Sharjah process.