Presence Of More Than 110 Service Providers Of Inhaled And Intranasal Drug Products Demonstrates The Popularity Of Outsourcing Trend

Amongst the total players having capability to offer services of inhaled and intranasal drug products, most of the players engaged in this domain are mid-sized firms. Of these, most of companies have been established before 2001. This is followed by the large firms of which, recently established large firms are (in alphabetical order) Kindeva Drug Delivery (2020) and Mapaex (2016). 

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Further, as can be observed from the figure, 39% companies claim to have the required capabilities to provide formulation development and manufacturing services, this is followed by 37% players offering stability testing services. Moreover, 25% players claim to offer process development and particle engineering services. It is worth highlighting that, of the total companies offering manufacturing services, close to 30% offer services at all scales of operation.

As the figure represents, more than 70 % of the companies which offer contract manufacturing services, includes majority of mid-sized players (26%), followed by small-sized (24%) and large players (21%).  Similarly, more than 20% of the companies offer contract research services, of which around 9% of the players are mid-sized firms, followed by small-sized (6%) and large (6%) firms. Further, 8% of the remaining services providers offer both contract manufacturing and contract research services, including large and small-sized firms (4% each).

Majority of the companies (42%) offer liquid-based formulation of the drug, followed by 22% companies offering powder-based and aerosol-based formulations, each. Further, nasal spray was found to be the most common dosage form, used by close to 60% companies as a means of drug delivery. This is followed by companies using MDI and DPI dosage forms (39 each). The other dosage forms preferred by the inhaled and intranasal drug product service providers include nebulizers, offered by 26% companies.

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April 4, 2022

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