Power of Imagination

Power of Imagination
Having a vivid imagination seems to make things worse for people with OCD –  Research Digest

7th January 2018. It was the birthday of our friend who was about to turn 21 and we were more than determined to be the first persons he would spend the first day of his 21st year with. We went for a sleepover at his house the night before his birthday as we planned to have lots of fun. The night rolled gradually as we had several exciting sessions where we talked about how we had met each other, first impressions, and how much impact we had made in each other’s life. Soon it was morning, and we were all seated for morning devotion. I sat directly opposite Evans, a core member of our threesome friendship. There was intense silence for about 20 seconds as Franklin’s father asked, what is wisdom? Turning to Evans, he asked again, what is wisdom?

My intercostals muscles relaxed at this point as I stared at Evans with intense anticipation of what his answer would be. I had always seen him as a very smart friend and his response did not make me see him any less. Wisdom is “Insight with Foresight”, he answered. “Insight with Foresight”, Peter’s dad mumbled as he tried to understand the rhyme. As rhythmical as it may sound INSIGHT and FORESIGHT are a core component of wisdom and pivotal for making smart decisions.

Being the biggest smartphone brand in the world. Apple has been distinguished by its ability to draw INSIGHT from pre-existing brands. And with FORESIGHT, they have been able to go into the future to create technologies that have been the pacemakers for other smartphone brands to follow. In the movie, AVENGERS ENDGAME. The Avengers had to go into the future and get the stones that helped them stop the villain THANOS, from destroying the world. Robert Gayle in the movie Acrimony was able to move into the future and predict the worth of his battery invention. He further predicted how rich he would be, the exact floor of the high story-building where his office would be. he also predicted the yacht he would own and severally refused to settle for less when less was offered to him.  And he became rich just as he had predicted!

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Don’t take my word for it, take Albert Einstein’s word when he said, and I quote “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.  “The future belongs to those who are able to walk into it today” –Williams Koffie. Imagination is a nation of Images. Put the images together and you’ll be able to solve a national problem.  Imagination gives you foresight into the future and spurs your preparation and self-belief in the actualization of the image perceived during imagination. Winning the Grammy award for the first time. Burna Boy who is now motivation for a lot of young upcoming African musicians said in his interview with BBC. “I never had any doubt that I was going to win the Grammy” If the leadership of my country took the youths seriously, I’d have won the Grammy in 2013 or 2014 and not 2021.

Imagination leaves you with a needed amount of self-motivation required to achieve any task, so take some time, get away from everyone. Try to imagine yourself in the position you’d want to be in life if you had no restrictions. Be as detailed and as precise as possible in your imagination. Write this down somewhere and keep working hard. Always remember that achieving always begins with seeing.

May 16, 2021

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