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Photography (12)

  • Basic Photography

    By Jeff Curto
    This book’s primary audience is students entering the photography program, but should prove useful to anyone wanting to learn the basic technical and visual qualities of photography. Though the book concentrates on digital photography, the essential concepts can be easily transferred to film photography as well.

    Basic Photography


    By Julie Adair King
    Shoot Like a Pro! Digital Photography Techniques condenses the most important lessons of photography school into one, easy-to-digest package. You’ll not only get the information you need to decipher the jargon associated with digital photography, but also learn techniques that enable you to take full advantage of all the creative controls your camera offers.


    By Robert Berdan
    Basics of photography and the camera

  • The Textbook of Digital Photography

    By Dennis P. Curtin
    Covers Digital cameras, Digital workflow, Controlling Exposure, Capturing light and color, Understanding lenses,etc

  • The Nikon Guide to Digital Photography

    By Nikon
    The Guide to Digital Photography (this manual, available in both electronic and printed formats) provides detailed information about your camera.

  • The dPS Ultimate Guide to Photography for Beginners

    By John Davenport
    This in-depth guide aims to answer those questions and help you create a foundation for success as you pick up this exciting new hobby of photography

  • Basic Photography Using a Digital Camera

    By JongPil Cheon
    In this unit, you will learn basic knowledge and fundamental techniques of photography with digital cameras. Seven skills in the second part are prerequisite to taking a better photograph. Based on these techniques, you will learn how to apply them to various situations. While you go through the unit stepby step, you will be able to acquire basic understanding of how to take better photos.

  • The Ultimate Photographer’s Guide

    By Christopher Grey
    The fact that you’re reading this book means you’ve either just bought a Canon camera and want more information than the instruction book can give you (no surprise there) or that you’re thinking of getting into the system and want to know more about it.


    So consider this a handbook or a manual of sorts; for you only. I am also writing this book in hope that other people (similar to you, still relatively new in photography and wanting to learn more) will find it helpful as well.

  • THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Creative Digital Photography

    By Hugh Clack
    The book is intended for anyone interested in taking the next step in their photography, and to get inspiration to take it to a more creative level. I hope you enjoy exploring the possibilities offered in these projects and have a lot of fun on the journey.

  • Guide to Photography

    By National Geographic
    Covers Taking a Picture, The Art of Photography, Focal Point, Framing, etc.

  • Smartphone Photography Guide

    By Ben Totman
    This guide will help you harness what’s available, get the best out of your smartphone and learn to take better pictures. We will cover everything from composition and effects to photo editing and social media.

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