Our Proprietary Analysis Highlights 175+ Developers that are Most Likely to Forge Strategic Partnerships with Bioassay Service Providers to Outsource A Part of their Business Operations

This section features an in-depth analysis of 260+ cell therapy and 190+ gene therapy developers that are anticipated to partner with bioassay contract service providers engaged in this domain, shortlisted based on several relevant parameters, such as developer strength (which takes into account a company’s size and its experience in this field), pipeline strength and maturity (based on the number of pipeline drugs and affiliated stage of development), and availability of other cell and gene therapy related capabilities.

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In this analysis, we assigned weighted scores to these parameters, based on our proprietary scoring criteria. In addition, we assigned scores to cell and gene therapy developers, in order to evaluate their likelihood to enter into partnerships with cell and gene therapy contract service providers.

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As can be observed from the figure, 56% of the reported companies are likely to enter into partnership whereas 44% of the companies are most likely to enter into partnership for cell and gene therapy research. Further, according to our proprietary scoring criteria, Neuralstem, Xcelthera, Medeor Therapeutics, and Rexgenero emerged as the most likely strategic partners for cell and gene therapy CROs. Neuralstem, Xcelthera, and Medeor Therapeutics are based in North America. Whereas Rexgenero is based in Europe, with an experience of more than five years. It is worth highlighting that all the aforementioned companies offer preclinical and clinical services for stem cell therapies.

Further, it was observed that post 2015, the domain witnessed a substantial increase in the establishment of gene therapy developers. In fact, more than 15% gene therapy developers have been established in the last three years

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 Cell and Gene Therapy Bioassay Services Market

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