Orthodontist and Reasons to See a Orthodontist

What Is an Orthodontist?

People frequently equate a beautiful smile with being in good health. It is true that your entire health has a lot to do with your oral health. Misaligned teeth, or malocclusion, can result in dental problems such tooth decay, gum disease, and challenging or painful chewing.

Not everybody is born with straight teeth, though. You might wish to speak with an orthodontist if you have a poor bite or wide spaces between your teeth.

A dentist with special training in identifying, avoiding, and treating issues with the teeth and jaw is an orthodontist. They fix the problems that are already there and are skilled at spotting potential future issues. Orthodontist Corbin KY treat patients of various ages, from infants to seniors.

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

Braces, retainers, and other fixed and removable dental appliances, such as bands and bands, are used by orthodontists to move teeth in the mouth. They address a variety of dental anomalies, such as:

Crooked teeth

issues with the bite, such as an overbite or an underbite

Too many teeth together or too few teeth

Misaligned jaw

The purpose of orthodontist Corbin KY treatment is to make the patient’s bite better. Straight, evenly spaced teeth will line up with the opposing teeth in the jaw. A sound bite guarantees that you can chew, eat, and speak normally. When braces were necessary in the past, visiting an orthodontist was mostly reserved for kids or teenagers. Orthodontists, however, can treat dental issues at any age.

Education and Training

Orthodontists study in dentistry school, orthodontic school, and college. They complete a two- or three-year orthodontic residency programme after graduation. Since most dental schools only offer a little amount of orthodontic teaching, this additional training is crucial.

Programs for orthodontic residents provide dental practitioners with in-depth, specialised training. They concentrate on two fields:

Orthodontics: how to properly and safely move teeth

How to effectively direct the growth of the teeth, jaw, and face according to dentofacial orthopaedics

An orthodontist Corbin KY has the choice to pursue board certification after completing their training. This certification is not required in the US.

Reasons to See an Orthodontist

The most frequent reason people visit an orthodontist is for misalignment, often known as malocclusion.Size variations between the upper and lower jaw or between the jaw and teeth are the cause of this inherited condition. Tooth crowding, a misaligned jaw, or unusual bite patterns are all symptoms of malocclusion. Braces or dental appliances are typically used to address malocclusion.

The teeth are connected to square links using metal, ceramic, or plastic. Teeth are forced into alignment by a series of wires or springs. Clear braces, also known as aligners, are frequently used by patients with modest malocclusions in place of traditional braces. Some patients might require headgear to assist straighten teeth with pressure applied from outside the mouth.


Correctional surgery to extend or shorten the jaw may be necessary for a patient who has a significant underbite or overbite.To support the jaw bone, orthodontists utilise wires, surgical screws, or plates. Only after all of your growth has stopped and other less invasive orthodontic options have failed may jaw surgery be used.

Correcting a dental malocclusion can:

Make it simpler to bite, chew, and speak

Boost face symmetry and attractiveness in general

reduce the discomfort caused by temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ)

Separate teeth to make them easier to clean, which will assist to avoid cavities or tooth rot.

What to Expect at the Orthodontist

During a routine exam, the dentist frequently detects misplaced teeth for the first time. Your dentist could recommend that you visit an orthodontist if your back teeth don’t align properly. Your initial orthodontic consultation will probably involve:

An oral exam

pictures of your smile and face

X-rays taken of the teeth

Panoramic (360 degree) X-rays of the face and head

Impressions to create molds of your teeth

These tests will inform your orthodontist on how to proceed with your treatment and what Orthodontist Corbin KY interventions are best for you.

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