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Over 90% of the patents related to ocular drug delivery devices have been filed / granted for implants, inserts and punctal plugs; most of the top patent assignees are industry players. Further, over the years, intellectual capital related to ocular drug delivery devices has grown at a commendable pace; majority of the high value patents have been filed / granted in the US. Words highlighted in word cloud indicate the presence of several patents for ocular implants; majority of the patents have been filed / granted for sustained release formulations for glaucoma.

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With the growing prominence of sustain release therapies, ocular developers are currently focused on developing novel ocular drug delivery devices to treat various posterior ocular diseases. Given their proven benefits (which include high efficacy, target specificity and sustain release), the demand for such therapeutic modalities is on the rise. It is worth mentioning that, in the past few years, ocular drug delivery products have witnessed overwhelming success in the serious ocular conditions including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema and others. The global novel ocular drug delivery devices market is projected to reach USD 16 billion in 2030.

At present, the highest revenue generation potential is associated with inserts. It is important to note that inserts are showing better adoption in comparison to most of the marketed ocular drug delivery  implants. Further, currently, North America captures the highest share of the overall markets.

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