Bathroom Design Mistakes you should Avoid

Most Common Bathroom Design Mistakes you should Avoid

One of the most fun and creative things you can do is add on to or alter your home. But along with all that accountability comes the need to make long-lasting judgments. How can you ensure that you receive the ideal design for your way of life, stick to your spending plan, and get the most out of your investment? Every space in your home should start with a fantastic design, including (or especially) the bathroom.

No matter how big or little, bathrooms should always be carefully planned, situated, and designed to accommodate multiple users. The period when there was one bathroom in a home for every three bedrooms and everyone had ample opportunity to utilize it is long gone. Bathrooms of today must be elegant, make good use of available space, and be useful to their users. Avoiding typical design mistakes, as these rooms admirably accomplish, can make your bathroom more enjoyable over time especially if it’s a new home in park view city.

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1- No outside view

Nobody enjoys using a restroom that is dim, damp, and poorly ventilated; such a room is not enjoyable. Try to locate a bathroom on an exterior wall with windows when building or moving one. check more about Kohler Shower Heads

Installing an operable skylight can provide the natural light and fresh air that are required to make the area feel pleasant if windows are not a possibility.

2- A clear inside view 

The current design for a huge makeover we got a chance to work on featured a restroom in the dining room; this might appear like a conflict of interest. Avoid placing the restroom right next to a common area of the house, such as the living room, dining room, or kitchen.

Create some sort of formal division to break up the line of sight, but don’t feel like you have to build a big hallway. The last thing you want is to be enjoying a bottle of wine in the living room while staring towards the bathroom and the toilet.

3- Focusing only on the toilet 

The toilet should not be the first thing you see when entering a bathroom, and there should be no sightlines to it from other rooms. 

We prefer to keep the sink separate and place the toilet and shower in different rooms. As a result, someone can shower as another person gets ready at the sink. The wall that divides the two bathrooms in this floor design only increases the bathroom’s overall size by a few inches while also increasing its usable space.

4- Curbless shower 

A curbless shower makes a bathroom appear larger and cleaner, and because it follows universal design principles, it is especially useful for homeowners who want to age in place.

Simply be sure you mention it to your architect or contractor before construction to get this appearance in a new bathroom or makeover. check more about Kohler sink faucet

5- Thinking about the bigger size 

That’s correct: Better is superior to bigger. The most crucial feature of your new bathroom is that it has a great design and functions efficiently for your particular lifestyle, regardless of whether you’re designing a spacious master bathroom in your dream home or trying to figure out how to squeeze in an extra bathroom for your growing family.

6- No personality 

Don’t be afraid to utilize color, texture, and pattern to give the bathroom some personality; it doesn’t have to be simple and white.

If you’re making small adjustments, adding color and texture with plants, towels, and accessories is straightforward. However, if you’re making significant changes, why not use patterned tiles or wallpaper with a striking pattern to make a feature wall?

Since we spend so much time in the bathroom, it should feel and appear just as fashionable as the other rooms in your house.

7- Underestimating the mirror

A mirror is not merely a useful bathroom fixture; by diffusing light, the appropriate mirror can enlarge a tiny space.

When selecting a mirror, make sure it complements the style of your bathroom and is sized properly for everyone to see their reflection.

You might install a giant circular mirror for an up-to-date style or build a mirror wall to make a statement. The lighting in a bathroom mirror is sufficient to apply makeup or shave in the morning, but it is also soft enough to create a soothing ambiance when taking a long bath in the evening.

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The reality is that great design is more about how something functions than how it appears (although it’s always good when it does). A home with excellent design will work better, cost less to build, maintain, and give you more for your money.