Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development (11)

  • The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development

    By Mark L. Murphy |The core chapters represent many key concepts that Android developers need to understand in order to build an app. While an occasional “nice to have” topic will drift into the core — to help illustrate a point, for example — the core chapters generally are fairly essential.

  • Creating Web & Mobile Apps Using the Omnis JavaScript Client

    By TigerLogic Corporation | This manual describes all the features in Omnis Studio that allow you to create web and mobile apps for desktop and mobile platforms. It describes how you create Remote forms using the JavaScript Client for displaying in the browser on web and mobile devices, as well as setting up the Omnis App Server for deploying your applications.

  • Android Studio Development Essentials

    By eBook Frenzy | Beginning with the basics, this book provides an outline of the steps necessary to set up an Android development and testing environment. An overview of Android Studio is included covering areas such as tool windows, the code editor and the Designer tool. An introduction to the architecture of Android is followed by an in-depth look at the design of Android applications and user interfaces using the Android Studio environment. More advanced topics such as database management, content providers and intents are also covered, as are touch screen handling, gesture recognition, camera access and the playback and recording of both video and audio. This edition of the book also covers printing, transitions and cloud-based file storage.

  • Android Application Development

    By Rick Rogers, John Lombardo, Zigurd Mednieks, and Blake Meike | This book is intended for experienced software developers who want to develop applications in the Android mobile environment. It assumes you have some experience with the Java programming language, with using Java to implement user interfaces, and that you are at least familiar with the technologies Android uses, such as XML, SQL, GTalk(XMPP), OpenGL-ES, and HTTP.


    By Enough Software | The focus of this book is on developing mobile apps, which includes a number of phases including: planning & specification, prototyping & design, implementation, internal testing & deployment, deployment to an app store, discovery by users, installation, use and feedback. Ultimately, we want our users to enjoy using our apps and to give us positive ratings to encourage other users to do likewise.

  • Pro Android Web Apps

    By Damon Oehlman and Sébastien Blanc | Develop for Android Using HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript

  • A Hands on Guide to Building Apps with iOS and Android

    By Jakob Iversen and Michael Eierman |This book is intended to be an introduction to mobile app development. After you successfully complete the book, you will have the basic skills to develop both Android and iPhone/iPad apps. The book takes you from the creation of an app through the publication of the app to its intended audience on both platforms. We (the authors) have been teaching technology for many years at the collegiate level and directly to professionals and strongly believe that the only way to learn a technology is to use it. That is why the book is structured as a series of tutorials that focus on building a complete app on both platforms.

  • Developing Mobile Applications with Oracle Mobile Application Framework

    By Oracle | This document is intended for developers tasked with creating cross-platform mobile applications that run as natively on the device.

  • Developing Applications with Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise

    By Oracle | This guide is intended for developers who use Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise (OMCe) to develop mobile applications, mobile APIs, and intelligent chatbots.

  • Mobile App Development with Corona

    By Brian G. Burton, Ed.D. | This book is written with the understanding that many (hopefully) are just interested in learning more about the Corona SDK and want to develop for multiple mobile devices at the same time.

  • Mobile App Development with Ionic, Revised Edition

    By Chris Griffith This book is for anyone who is looking to get started with the Ionic Framework. It is expected that you are comfortable with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. We will cover some key concepts of TypeScript, ES6, Angular, and Apache Cordova, but you may want to have resources available on those topics as well. We will take it step by step, so relax and get ready to learn how to build hybrid mobile apps with Ionic, Angular, and Cordova.