Know About The Perfect Revision Methods For Preparing A-Level Sociology Exam

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Learners can become stressed and demotivated when they have “been revising” for hours but can’t activate the rules/facts when tested later. There are some advantages to spending hours reading facts from a book, trying to memorize them. Learners need to interact with the information somehow – highlighting the main points in different color pens, reading aloud, or recording themselves to playback later. A Level Sociology Methods help to make students’ revision time more productive and sustainable by implementing our tips for revision: 

Identify your strengths and areas for improvement

It is easier to revise a subject that you enjoy and are good at, but your revision ought to be focused where there is the greatest need. You could use a syllabus and curriculum checklist to assist the student with this. 4 study periods per week might contain plenty of information about the subject of sociology.

Study in small chunks

Your revision will be more impressive if you regularly study a subject for a short period. Try to study two subjects for half an hour each. You can take the break for 10-15 minutes, then study two more subjects for half an hour each before having a more extended break. You could then revisit the first subject later in the day.

Prepare a plan

Now that you know what you require to prepare, it is essential that you detail the amount of time you have available and specifically plan which subjects you will work on and when. Make your plan public and display it on your door or kitchen noticeboard; others will know when you are working and when you’ve planned breaks. In addition, it will help lessen stress levels and pressure from friends and family.

Develop a good working environment

For your study time to A level sociology revision resources, you will need a suitable environment, space for your books, and room to work. Fresh air and natural light will assist; make sure you open curtains and a small window if you can. Feeding the brain is also important, have a glass of water available and a healthy snack – bananas are a good option.

Understand your learning style

There are various models for this, but it is most commonly used. Learners can use Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, or a combination of these. Gear your revision to your learning style:

  • Create color-coded revision cards or diagrams to display.
  • Record your notes on the MP3 player and play them often.
  • Act out scenes from literature/history.
  • Put essential info on notes around your room or in the hallway of the rooms.

Stay away from distractions

While some learners find it helpful to play music while revising, it will help if there are no other distractions; turn off your mobile phone and log off Facebook and Twitter.

Focus on study

Try to develop your understanding of the subject rather than simply memorizing rules or dates. Understanding is much deeper, and time spent on this will enable quick recall and a more reasoning approach to answers.

Look at past papers

By looking through past papers, the student can familiarise themselves with the content and the style of the problems. A level exam will also publish the mark schemes and Chief Examiners’ Reports, giving you tremendous information about common mistakes.

Don’t forget exam skills

Remember that passing exam is not just about knowing about the curriculum inside out; you will also need to be able to structure the notes, follow thoughts through logically, and perhaps most important, manage the time effectively. Estimate how much time is to each exam mark and keep in mind when allocating time to answer the question. Include time to practice all of these abilities within your revision timetable.

Be positive

It is easy to become disappointed and demotivated, feel that it is a severe problem, and never get the outcomes you need – banish these thoughts! With a realistic study and a determination to stick to it, you can achieve your aims – be positive!

It’s important to remember that learners want to do well – it is unlikely they will avoid revision because they can’t be bothered; it is more likely that they are struggling with something or feel that there’s too much to do in such a short space of time. So helping them by producing a revision plan and providing encouragement and reassurance is the way forward.


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