Jordan 1 step too far for even

The look’s print was composed of tiny squares of different colors. According to Lizzo’s caption, Somebody said I look like the Home Depot color sample, to which the artist simply replied: bye. I bought vintage Gucci mules from TheRealReal. The taupe, cashmere cardigan, called the Scarlet Knitted Cardigan, is one-half of a set designed by New York-based brand Khaite. Back then Holmes paired it with a matching cashmere bralette, called the Eda Soft-Cup Bralette. Well, I simply had to try this linen pant for myself. Depending on your body type, the silhouette may not fly. The concept of the lightweight and wide-legged cropped pant is always wish-list-worthy, but too many brands haven’t gotten a handle on a fit that will accommodate and flatter a variety of bodies. However, it seems like Anthropologie has cracked some kind of code when it comes to the billowing bottom.

Part of it for me is that I like the hunt. I like to be sifting through things and finding things, and I’m not a huge online shopper. There’s eBay and TheRealReal, but it’s not the same thrill. The front rows, as usual, made the headlines at the fall 2022 runway shows. Kim Kardashian wowed at Prada and Balenciaga, and all eyes were on Rihanna at Gucci, Off-White, and Christian Dior. But now that the season is over, what Vogue editors around the world can’t stop talking about is the fashion. Back in May, images of one of the Olsen twins with the mask on, it was hard to tell which sister it was wearing a leather-like face mask surfaced. While we noted the look back then, with hot, summer weather fast approaching, leather face gear of any kind seemed like a Jordan 1 step too far for even the most committed of leather fashion fans. Now though, as temperatures drop and the first signs of fall begin to appear, the concept of wearing a leather face mask doesn’t seem quite so, well, sweaty.

Thom Browne’s crisp pleated skirts landed in Lyst’s top 10 most covetable items for the second quarter of 2021. From workouts to work days and sleeping, even on my heaviest days, I’ve never found them to fail. I’m also hoping to get on the waitlist for these really beautiful dresses that are pieced together from this amazing designer Nadine Mose. Vogue’s return to the office feels like a homecoming. I’m very much in an experimental phase in my style, and the Vogue office is the perfect fashion playground. I’m looking to find a blend between my personal and professional looks and incorporate bold pops of color into my otherwise neutral wardrobe.

March 26, 2022

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