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Java Programming

Java Programming (11)

  • Object Oriented Programming using Java

    By Simon Kendal
    This book aims to instill the reader with an understanding of the object oriented approach to programming and aims to provide some practical skills along the way. Java is used to highlight and demonstrate the application of fundamental object oriented principles and modeling techniques.

  • Beginning Java 8 fundamentals

    By Kishori Sharan
    This book is designed to be useful for anyone who wants to learn the Java programming language. If you are a beginner, with little or no programming background, you need to read from the first chapter to the last, in order. The book contains topics of various degrees of complexity. As a beginner, if you find yourself overwhelmed while reading a section in a chapter, you can skip to the next section or the next chapter, and revisit it later when you gain more experience. If you are a Java developer with an intermediate or advanced level of experience, you can jump to a chapter or to a section in a chapter directly. If a section uses an unfamiliar topic, you need to visit that topic before continuing the current one.

  • Advanced Java 2 Platform HOW TO PROGRAM

    By H. M. Deitel, P. J. Deitel and S. E. Santry
    Advanced Java 2 Platform How to Program is the first book in our Advanced How to Program series. We discuss Java technologies that may be unfamiliar and challenging to the average Java programmer. We structured each chapter discussion to provide the reader with an introduction to leading-edge and complex Java technologies, rather than provide a detailed analysis of every nuance of each topic.

  • Java™ : The Complete Reference, Seventh Edition

    By Herbert Schildt
    This book is a comprehensive guide to the Java language, describing its syntax, keywords, and fundamental programming principles. Significant portions of the Java API library are also examined. The book is divided into four parts, each focusing on a different aspect of the Java programming environment.

  • Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition

    By Bruce Eckel
    This book is written for Java 2. Aside from additional small language features added in Java 2 and corrections made throughout the book, the other major change is in the collections chapter (9), which now focuses on the Java 2 collections used throughout the book. I’ve also improved that chapter to more deeply go into some of the important issues of collections, in particular how a hash function works.

  • Learning Java

    By Patrick Niemeyer and Daniel Leuck
    This book gives you a thorough grounding in Java fundamentals and APIs. Learning Java, Fourth Edition, attempts to live up to its name by mapping out the Java language and its class libraries, programming techniques, and idioms. We’ll dig deep into inter‐ esting areas and at least scratch the surface of the rest.

    Learning Java

  • Introduction to Programming Using Java

    By David J. Eck
    Introduction to Programming Using Java is a free introductory computer programming textbook that uses Java as the language of instruction. It is suitable for use in an introductory programming course and for people who are trying to learn programming on their own. There are no prerequisites beyond a general familiarity with the ideas of computers and programs.

  • Advanced java

    By Andriy
    This book is designed to help you make the most effective use of Java. It discusses advanced topics, including object creation, concurrency, serialization, reflection and many more. It will guide you through your journey to Java mastery!

    Advanced java

  • Advanced Java

    By Rai Technology University
    The aim of this subject is to develop students’ understanding of the concepts of Java Programming. In particular the subject is designed to develop the underpinning knowledge and skills required to write complex programs and test procedures. This subject introduces the student to the concepts in the study of Object oriented programming using classes, It familiarizes the students with the various methods for handling events occurring from users use of keyboard keys and mouse movements. Also the student understands Exception Handling methods.

    Advanced Java

  • Software Architecture Design Patterns in Java

    By Partha Kuchana The book presents 42 design patterns, which include the 23 GoF patterns. These patterns are categorized as follows:  7 Basic patterns  5 Creational patterns  4 Collectional patterns  11 Structural patterns  11 Behavioral patterns  4 Concurrency patterns The discussion of each pattern includes an example implemented in Java.

  • Advanced java

    By Andriy Redko This book is designed to help you make the most effective use of Java. It discusses advanced topics, including object creation, concurrency, serialization, reflection and many more. It will guide you through your journey to Java mastery!

    Advanced java


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