Jaisalmer Camel Safari: All You Need To Know About


One of the most unforgettable and magical things you can do in India is ride a camel through the windswept, rippling desert and camp under the stars, just like in Jordan. In addition, going on a camel safari will give you a chance to see how people in India’s deserts live in the rough and tumble. Despite its potential to be barren, the desert is surprisingly well-populated. What you need to know to plan your trip is listed here. 8 Common Employee Selection Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Where Can a Camel Safari Take You?

In Rajasthan’s desert around Jaisalmer, camel safaris are most popular in India. Choosing the best location is essential if you want to get the most out of your trip. The Sam sand dunes are where the majority of tourists go these days because they are so crowded and unappealingly crowded. The sand rises close to Khuri town in Desert Public Park are more quiet however have begun to draw in their portion of vacationers. On the way to Khuri, a camel safari package from Jaisalmer most likely includes a stop at the abandoned village of Kuldhara.

Bikaner, additionally in Rajasthan, is one more famous choice for camel safaris. The desert, on the other hand, pales in comparison to Jaisalmer’s splendor. If you go expecting undulating sand dunes, you will be disappointed because they no longer exist. Instead, most safaris focus on going to remote desert villages.


Osian, which is less well-known and is about an hour and a half north of Jodhpur on the way to Bikaner, offers excellent camel safaris. Stay at Osian Sand Dunes Resort and Camp or Reggie’s Camel Camp, parasailing in jaisalmer. Osian’s interesting temples are another reason to visit. An exclusive option in the desert at Khiyansariya (between Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner) is Manvar Desert Camp and Resort.

You can choose to take the less-traveled or more popular path depending on which camel safari company you choose to go with. Describe it in detail. Otherwise, you’ll probably be right next to a lot of other tourists in Jaisalmer’s Sam or Khuri area.

 Overnight Desert Camel Safari 

Vedic Walks offers an overnight Desert Camel Safari and Camping Experience near Pushkar if you want to take an unusual sightseeing tour. It includes a spiritual walking tour of the town and a safari through villages. Another option in Puskhar that gets good reviews is Dharma Camel Safari.

Furthermore, it’s feasible to go on a camel safari in the high desert in Ladakh, predominantly in the Nubra Valley from Hundar to Diskit. On these journeys, the camels are of the double-humped Bactrian variety.

When you book your camel safari, be careful because the industry is very competitive and you definitely get what you pay for. Although cheaper deals may initially appear appealing, you’ll find that the food, bedding, and other necessities are of lower quality. The group will also have more members. Make sure you know exactly what will happen, like whether dinner will be made for you over an open fire in the desert or provided by a cook in a nearby village.

If you’re going to Khuri, you can get there by 4 p.m. and talk to the camps there directly about your camel safari because they’re all in a row. Try The Adventure Travel Agency in Jaisalmer if you really want to venture off the beaten path and experience life in the countryside away from the tourist traps. You’ll spend sunset in the sand dunes and return to the camp for dinner and a cultural program before leaving for Jaisalmer around 8.30 p.m. They’ll take you on a long camel safari to Barmer, where you’ll sleep in the dunes on army bedding under the stars.

Bikaner has fewer options for camel safaris. Vino Desert Safari, Rao Bikaji Camel Safari, and Camel Man are the oldest and most well-known operators.

Camel Safaris

Duration of Camel Safaris A brief camel safari can be taken and returned the same day. However, the majority of people would rather spend a few days deeper into the desert. Because it can become monotonous and leave you with a sore bum, many people choose the overnight option, which is sensible. This involves riding the camel into the desert, taking in the sunset, having dinner, looking at the stars, getting up in time for the sunrise, and then returning. The sunrises and sunsets in the desert are absolutely stunning!