It can also be used for repairing cracked,

When you are using your car or motorcycle, you can use a special product which can protect the pavement. Perawatan Beton Adhimix can prevent damage to the concrete surface and keep the concrete from drying out. The membrane contains an acrylic resin which can act as a sealant. The membrane protects the concrete from water, saltwater and sand, which means that it does not corrode.

The membrane also contains a binder which is needed for adhesion of the membrane to the concrete. The membrane must be applied immediately after the concrete has been poured. To make sure that the membrane bonds Harga Beton Adhimix with the concrete, you will need to apply the chemical membrane to the entire surface of the concrete. The membrane must be applied within a few hours of casting the concrete.

You can use Perawatan Beton Adhimix for your parking garage, floor tiles, driveway, and road projects. This chemical membrane can be mixed with water and applied directly to the surface. Perawatan Beton Adhimix is very economical because it is available at affordable prices.

It should be applied to concrete surfaces in the following conditions. The first condition is when the concrete is freshly cast. It can also be used for repairing cracked, damaged concrete. The second condition is when concrete is undergoing renovation.

January 4, 2023

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