Is Your Terrace Safe for Your Kids? Things You Must Know

Having a terrace in your home is wonderful since it provides a high, lovely view of the outside and a place where you can breathe fresh air after a long day of work. It might be different for those who share a home with children. Did you even realise that a home’s terraces are one of the riskiest places for active kids and curious toddlers? Children are innately curious. Curious children can move very quickly; it just takes a second for them to run away. Do you fear your child’s safety when they play on the terrace? buy our terrace tiles .


Making our terrace designs childproof should be a concern as the number of accidents involving kids falling over terraces increases. How can we now adapt the terrace layout to be kid-friendly?


How to Make Your Terrace Safe for Your Kids?

1. Install the non-slip terrace tiles

Different tiles—granite, ceramic, marble, slate, faux wood, and so forth—are employed. But how secure are these tiles?

Despite the beauty of these abstract terrace tiles, it is necessary to recognize their drawbacks, namely their propensity to be slippery.

The anti-skid vitrified tiles are excellent for outdoor use because they are stain and graze-resistant, giving the designs a timeless quality. They have the floor covering that prevents slipping even when the surface is soapy and moist. This eliminates the chance of slipping.

2. Put up a more secure railing

Most railing types can all be installed in concrete by inserting a wedge anchor through the base of the post. When using wooden posts, you must first secure the post in a metal post base. The post base in metal railings is just a plate with holes welded to the post. 

If you’re a DIYer, it’s advisable to choose a metal railing that is simple to install, such as a system with pre-assembled panels, as doing this welding yourself takes specialised abilities. The fastest action to take is this.

3. Be cautious about where you place the furniture

Children are most in danger because they have the physical skills necessary to independently traverse their homes and the cerebral growth to be intrigued about things that may be out of their reach.

Buy furniture with sturdy bases or wide legs. Install drawer stops on drawer chests. Put heavy objects on shelves that are close to the ground. Use safety straps or L-brackets to fasten furniture to the wall. A remote or another visually appealing item should be placed on something other than furniture.


4. Integrate security locks

Locks have become crucial security components for our possessions because man has been engaging in the same practice for many millennia. Everyone requires a locksmith for lock installation, lock maintenance, and lock replacement services to ensure the security of their home, place of business, or office. Locks fall into various categories based on their cost and usage. 

For the second layer of security and satisfaction, one can engage in high-in security locks installation services from High-Security Locks So that children do not enter the terrace  unaccompanied by an adult.

5. Putting in a bannister guard

You can cut the bannister guard with a transparent, strong plastic film roll to fit your fence for terrace design. After that, cable ties are used to secure the kidsafe bannister guard to the fence. There is plastic, cable ties, and a hole punch available. A tape measure, straight edge, marker, and scissors are required. To ensure the security of children recheck all knots to ensure they are secure after the guard has been fitted. To eliminate sharp edges, round off the guard’s corners using scissors.

6. Electrical outlets should be covered

You should cover electrical outlets. They keep your outlets tidy! A wonderful approach to protect yourself from dangerous shocks is by using wall outlet covers.

One of the most important things you need to secure the electrical safety of children is child-proof plugs.

7. Set up an alarm

One of the least expensive methods of preventing burglaries is the installation of an alarm system, the mere sight of which is enough to deter potential intruders.

The largest expense for many homeowners is their utility bill. It guarantees that nothing goes wrong. Therefore, while building an alarm with break-ins in mind, ensure the system has the appropriate monitors and detectors in place.

8. Safety net

Certain housing societies may provide small playgrounds, but since these complexes feature extensive terrace design ideas, children continuously looking for play and leisure facilities may find these wide open spaces highly appealing. For this reason, a housing society should implement and adhere to safety measures like safety nets for terraces.


9. Conduct routine safety inspections

If they are placed right at the base for increased visibility, children or newborns may be able to squeeze between the railings. As a result, the height of the parapet wall is crucial.

The door to the terrace design should be lock, and access should be limit. Members of the housing society may agree on a specific time of day when the terrace can be access. So these checks are a must.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to provide a safe environment for the child. You might have benefited from this article. We often overlook the significant space for terrace tiles in homes that can be used in various ways. This section referred to as “Terrace,” can be very important if used properly.