Is there a good method OEMs can use to evaluate vendors

Merchant Assessment is significant in light of the fact that it assesses the certifications of the dealer and the quality guidelines observed during the assembling system

Exclusions allowed under the accompanying situations

Yearly turnover for the most recent earlier year is more than INR 500 Crores

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Association Process is ZED Certified by QCI

NSIC No for the item they expected to transfer on GeM Portal

Note: on the off chance that the Product is Manufactured external India yet sold in India by the Indian Origin lawful element then they one ought to go for Deemed OEM rather than OEM. Every one of the above exclusions apply to them moreover.

Rundown Level Vendor Assessment Process:

After enrollment on GeM entryway, the OEM needs to go for Vendor Assessment on GeM Portal itself. Essential Organization Details are to be filled. Item for which Vendor Assessment to be done is to be filled – Please note that at this point Seller Organization can add however many items as they need to get evaluated in a solitary evaluation

An internet based expense must be made to QCI for Vendor Assessment Process inception. After the installment is handled, mail will be sent by QCI with client ID and secret word for beginning the Vendor Assessment

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GeM  portal

The Gem Portal (Government e-Marketplace) is a government-created website through which the government publishes offers for various daily needs of various government agencies, government enterprises and ministries. The main objective of the introduction of the GeM portal is to improve transparency and increase the efficiency of public procurement through operations. 

By registering through this portal, sellers can also buy or sell government goods as buyers. The Government Ministry of Electricity (GeM) is the most used channel for public procurement as it is the public procurement website for the country and the departments. Small businesses, DPIIT-approved startups, and other private companies can register as sellers on the GeM portal and sell their listed products and services at their offices.

GeM Startup Runway, on the other hand, could be a new initiative by GeM to help successful startups bend the world of buyers in the country by offering unique new products designed in the process. Confirmed startups can view GeM startups on the GeM dashboard. 

Here you can publicize the products you deal with by writing a report about your products as a buyer (Secretary of State). The “GeM Startup Runway” will be a unique concept developed by the government e-Marketplace in collaboration with the Indian startup to commercialize the company through innovation. GEM (Government Electronic Marketplace) PORTALEXPERT.

Become an Insurance Enrollment Provider, a Registered Enrollment Federal Energy Services Provider. Gain unparalleled expertise in government e-commerce across India. Become a registered seller on the gem portal. Have your profile completed in 24 hours by a professional.

Create an investor account

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  • OEM Dashboard

Process for evaluating suppliers online


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In this section, you will learn how to create multiple invoices for orders and walk you through the process to finalize the order. You must sign and approve the order, create an invoice and enter the delivery date.


Merchants and service providers use inventory management to advertise products, supplies, price adjustments, and announce new products. Here, we show you the best way to sell your products and services, tips and tricks for finishing your deal, and how and where to check your trading terms.


Learn how to register as a key user and create a group while assigning your own tasks. You will also need to know how to update your business and bank account details.

Special offers on the GeM portal

GeM is an integrated DIGITAL procurement system that integrates all government procurement into one platform, creating economies of scale, finding better value and best practices.

Benefits of Doing Business in the Government Electronics (GeM) Market

GeM is an integrated DIGITAL procurement system that integrates all government procurement into one platform, creating economies of scale, finding better value and best practices. Today, GeM offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs to work in public markets. GeM’s strength lies in its scale, flexibility and dynamic operating ecosystem. The main points are given below

About GeM Portal 2021

Government Electricity Market (GeM) is a digitally integrated platform designed to buy and sell various goods and services under 172 services and under 16,350.

product categories. This will upgrade the existing extent of digitalization in the country. Launched in August 2016, the GeM portal is run under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India.

The portal will deliver the regular and essential goods and services needed by the several govt. departments and PSUs. With this, GeM has been a helping hand and promoted small businesses like SWAYATT, Womaniya, The SARAS Collection, and others. As per the Financial statistics, the GeM has made transactions worth Rs. 120,154 crores by June 2021 with 7,000,733 orders.

As of now, there are 2 phase Vendor Assessment Process

A) Desktop Assessment – Following a bunch of itemized records and clarifications are to be filled in three expansive level gathering:

Data Block

Subtleties of Product

Subtleties of Firm

When the pertinent supporting records are transferred and subtleties are filled, one needs to tap the submit button QCI will dole out a SPOC for the record and will survey the work area evaluation reports. In the event of any further subtleties required they will check with the Seller and information to be transferred appropriately. When the work area evaluation is cleared, mail will be sent by QCI for Video Assessment

B) Video Assessment – It is finished through the Android Phone APP where the whole assembling cycle of the vender will be evaluated by the QCI group in view of the subtleties gave in the work area appraisal. When the Video Assessment is finished, Final Vendor Assessment Report will be transferred in GeM Portal by QCI. In view of the report OEM Dashboard will be empowered by GeM wherein just OEMs can transfer their items onto the Portal.

GeMOEM/Brand Creation and Updating of OEMs with following choices under the OEM Panel:

Raise the solicitation for making of Both OEM and Brand

Raise the solicitation for making of Brand

Raise the solicitation for production of OEM Please note that, all OEMs are permitted to get to OEM Panel solely after finishing Vendor Assessment Process. Kindly note that significant reports mentioned for production of Brand should be transferred by the venders.

Kindly note that OEMs can demand for OEM/Brand just for the current lists in the framework. In the event that the list isn’t accessible then, at that point, first cycle for making new inventory should be finished and after the inventory is made the solicitation for OEM/Brand can be mentioned.

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