Is it a Good Idea to Choose a .nl Domain For a Dutch Website?

Is it a Good Idea to Choose a .nl Domain For a Dutch Website?

To start an online business you need a website. Creating an online presence is important to have a website. And for a website, you should choose a best and cheap domain name India of a website. Without a name, this is impossible for users to know your website.  

With the help of a domain name users search your website there is too difficult for users to leran IP addresses. Because there are a lot of numbers in an IP address. In a domain name, you have a lot of choices you can choose any of them according to your website and targeted audience. Suppose you targeted the Netherlands internet users and your website is Netherland based then the finest option is to choose a .nl domain. 

Domain .nl is fall in the category of Country Code Top Level Domain. There are many reasons why you choose a .nl domain and these reasons we discuss in detail in the upcoming article.  So let’s start and read out the complete article. 

Why You Register Your Website With .nl Domain? 

There are a lot of reasons why you register your website with Domain .nl. And some of the reasons are discussed below in the article. So let’s start discussing the .nl extension. 

The Image of .nl 

It is important for your company’s image to be reflected on your website. and this is possible by choosing a domain name and extension. It was recently conducted by SIDN (Stichting Internet Domeinnaamregistratie Nederland) to examine how Dutch people perceive domain names ending in .nl. This clarifies that how the positive effect of the .nl extension. And as a businessman, you can take advantage of this. 

Most Positive Image 

In all types of extensions, a .nl domain has a positive image and it is concluded in research. Other types of extensions are less reliable and vague such as .shop, .tk, and .bmw. 

The Netherlands and Trust

There is a strong association between the extension .nl and ‘the Netherlands’, ‘trust’, ‘own’, ‘internet’, and ‘website’, according to respondents. A .nl domain name evokes associations with companies like,, and, which are all successful companies with a .nl domain name. People commonly associate .com with international, ‘foreign’, ‘global’, and ‘commercial’. When asked which words fit the image of .nl, ‘close’ (74%), ‘trusted’ (69%), ‘reliable’ (65%), ‘secure’ (64%), and ‘value stable’ (49%) are the most frequently mentioned words.

Common Rules and Requirements of a .nl Domain 

  • For one year a domain .nl is registered. 
  • In the .nl domain registration, you cannot get a money-back grace period. 
  • To register a .nl extension you will not get a bulk registration feature. 
  • One important note is that a .nl extension doesnt support Internalized domain names. 
  • For only one year a .nl extension will be renewed. 
  • In order to renew a .nl domain name, you have 60 days to do so before its expiration date.
  • Domain names registered under .nl do not have a renewal grace period. After expiration, it would be deleted and placed under a 40-day redemption grace period.
  • As well, the Pending Delete period of 5 days (following the Redemption Grace Period) is not applicable to a .nl domain name. After 40 days from the date of deletion, the domain name will be available for fresh registration.
  • There is a Domain Secret Key/Authorization Code associated with each .nl Domain Name.
  • An authorization code/domain secret key is 12 characters long.
  • There are three contacts of the .nl extension as Registrant contact, administrative contact, and Technical contact. 

Where to Register Domain .nl at an Affordable Price 

There are a lot of places in the market that give domain registration services. You can choose the one who is best. Before choosing any registrar you have done all the research then after buying services. This is one of the important points and most people cannot follow this step. I recommended a Hostbillo Hosting solution for .nl domain registration to a Netherlands-based website. Hostbillo comes in a  reputed and trusted domain providers list. You cannot dissatisfied with Hostbillo’s Domain services. They give excellent and satisfactory results to their customers. The following benefits you will enjoy when you buy a .nl extension from Hostbillo. 

  • Easy setup
  • High-level security
  • Domain lock
  • Access to 10000 subdomains
  • 24/7 Customer assistance via proficient experts
  • Professional email services


Obviously, to start an online presence you need a website. And for a website, a domain name plays an important role. You will know that in the domain extension you have a lot of choices. But you cannot choose anyone you choose the one that is according to your website and targets easly what you want to target. As we already discussed to target Netherland users and a Netherland-based website the ideal option is to choose a .nl extension. We discussed in detail why you choose that extension for a website.