Innovative Ideas for Integrating Large Format Tiles into Your Home Design


Do you wish to add some individuality to your space? Or, do you want your small living space to appear larger? Then, you should think of incorporating big or large format tiles into your space. These tiles have been gaining immense popularity over the last few years, and have earned their places in diverse settings, be it traditional or contemporary. This is because of their high versatility and adaptability, which can provide a stylish update to any interior setting. You can explore their versatility in any good and trusted tiles dealer in Bengaluru. So, if you consider laying large format tiles, this blog will provide some unique and stylish ways to incorporate these tiles into your space and take your interiors to the next level. 

Innovative Ways to Infuse Large Format Tiles 

Backsplashes in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Be it a bathroom or kitchen, backsplashes are a prime area where you can use large format tiles. You can infuse tile designs like mosaic and terrazzo to let the backsplashes have their appeal, which visually expands the space while eliminating the cluttered backsplash look due to more grout lines. 

Open Concept Flooring

If you have an open concept house, you should think of using large format tiles to create a coordinated flooring look that seamlessly unifies one space with another, eliminating the concept of virtual partition in the space. As these tiles require fewer grout lines, they can offer a less cluttered look, creating an illusion of more space. To enhance the degree of visual expansion, you can consider using light-toned large tiles as they can reflect light and make the space look wider. So, if you reside in a small space, these tiles can do wonders in your space. 

Contemporary Kitchen Flooring 

Large tiles are an ideal choice for flooring in modern cooking areas. Any trusted floor tile shop in your city can offer you a variety of bigger tile options, ranging from textured to uniquely patterned. You can think of infusing these tile designs to add depth and character to the flooring in your kitchen, maintaining a sleek and modern appearance.

Statement Walls

One of the most beautiful ways to use large format tiles is by creating a stunning piece of art, i.e., creating a statement wall. Be it in your living room or dining room, you should consider choosing a bold and striking tile design that can lift the overall look of the room. Also, the large size of these tiles can offer a powerful visual impact, which elevates the style of the room further. 

Spa-Like Bathroom 

If you wish to renovate your bathroom, why not consider infusing a spa-like ambience in it? With large format tiles, you can establish calmness in your bathroom. Also, remember to consider the colours and textures of the bathroom tiles to create a relaxing atmosphere. These tiles can be used anywhere in bathrooms, including the shower area to establish a serene ambience, just like a spa. You can opt for tiles of neutral-toned or pastel hues with matte finishes for your walls and floors. The soft tones and seamless look of these tiles can elevate the overall feeling of tranquillity. 

Shower Oasis

Want to transform your bathroom into an affluent retreat? You should go with large format tiles to revamp your shower space. Also, you can use these tiles on walls from the bottom to the ceiling to create a floor-to-ceiling look and make your bathroom space appear taller. These tiles minimise grout lines, so they offer a seamless and visually stunning effect to the walls in your shower area. On top of that, it becomes easier to clean the tiled walls as they are easy to maintain. 

Staircase Walls 

When you are looking for ways to elevate the aesthetics of your staircase walls, consider using bigger tiles. Available in diverse options, you can go for these tiles but make sure that they have patterns and textures that are hard to replicate using wallpapers or paints. 

Accent Niches

Large format tiles can be used to create stunning accent walls which can provide visual interest and depth to the space. You can use such accent niches to display unique pieces of art, decorative items, and indoor plants. For that, you should reach out to a reputed tiles dealer in Bengaluru and explore a large tile design that can serve as a base for your decor items. Besides, you can also make the accent walls have their distinctive look to standalone and create a focal point. For that, do not forget to pay attention to the colours and textures of the tile you choose. 

Grand Entryways

If you have an entryway in your house and want to upgrade it to create strong impressions on your guests, you should visit any reputed floor tile shop and explore large format tile options. By incorporating these tiles, you can create a welcoming and luxurious look to the entryway while setting the tone for the rest of the house. 

TV/Fireplace Surround 

Be it your TV wall or fireplace, consider making it the centrepiece of your space by laying large format tiles in the background or surround. Whether you like textures that can create visual impact or a sleek and minimalist design for a clean and refined look, you can always find a bigger tile design that meets your needs and creates a focal point that offers class and style. Also, ensure to prefer porcelain tiles for the surrounding areas of your fireplace as they can tolerate high temperatures. 


Large format tiles offer endless ways to be creative and design spaces innovatively. From statement walls to seamless flooring, these large tiles can upgrade any space into a stylish environment. To explore a vast range of larger format tiles, reach out to Orientbell Tiles Boutique – a well-known tiles dealer in Bengaluru that excels in offering tiles with endless potential to decorate spaces.

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