Bubble wrap roll

Infographic: Facts on Bubble Wrap

There are various kinds of packaging materials available today and most of them are efficient enough to take care of items which are to be transported to one or the other place. But, in case of delicate and fragile items, a little extra precaution is to be taken. A bubble wrap roll is the packaging material which here comes to the rescue. Made up of polyethylene sheet, this is known as the shock absorber as it has various small air packets made on the entire sheet which absorb the shock or jerk which may occur when the item is being transported.

There are various kinds of bubble wraps available. Depending on what kind of item is to wrapped and in how big wardrobe storage boxes are the items placed, the size of the bubble wrap is also decided. Small bubble wraps are used particularly for items which are small in size but are fragile in nature while, those with big bubbles are used for the transportation of heavy and large items such as furniture, electronic items, etc. Apart from these two basic bubble wraps, there are two other kinds of bubble wraps also available- the anti-static bubble wrap and the green bubble wrap roll. While the anti-static bubble wrap is primarily used for the packaging and safe transportation of electronic items such as cell phones, laptops, computers, microwave, etc. These wraps do not get charged and therefore do not cause harm to the expensive items and gadgets which are placed inside these wraps. The green bubble wrap roll on the other hand are the recycled polystyrene sheets. The best part about these sheets is that they are eco- friendly in nature.

Bubble wraps are now being used extensively in a number of things and they are the best solutions to safe guarding your expensive, fragile and luxurious items. You  can pack your stuffs inside these wraps and rest assured that they will reach their destination in their perfect shape and structure.

If you are someone interested in knowing more about these bubble wraps then please refer to the infographic attached.