Improve Your Security With Hikvision Cameras:

Hikvision NVR:

High-quality security cameras want incredible NVRs. It is a storage and review point for your security camera, so you don’t need to sign up for a remote service to save your video. Hikvision NVR presents RAID, N+1 hot spare, and ANR features for records safety, ensuring robust and reliable video recording.

From high-level to professional models, Hikvision NVR supports high-definition output up to 4K. To get more information about Hikvision NVR, call us. Expanding your business got less hard with FREE training from Hikvision’s Learning and Development team.

From teacher-led training to complete certification packages, these training are designed to provide you and your team with real expertise in the usage of, installation, and troubleshooting of security systems and associated software in the field.

These applications tell end customers that you have taken the more step to ensure your information is backed with the help of formal training from Hikvision.


Valuable certifications consist of stages 1, 2, and 3 on Network Access to Hikvision Surveillance Devices, Access Control System Operation, and the DeepinView License Plate Recognition (LPR) Solution. Each level offers a complete package, which includes all the courses available for each certification.

View the whole listing of certifications with info and check-in online. Certification plans are performed at no price to dealers and integrators. There is a nominal charge to take the certification check on the cease of this system.

Individual Training Classes:

In addition to our certification packages, we offer a wide array of FREE online publications. You can choose the camera series, software, or solution you want to turn out to be a professional in. Below is a small sample of the courses available.

Hikvision NVR
Hikvision NVR
  • Hikvision LPR Cameras: Overview of License Plate Recognition digicam functions, advantages, installation, and configuration.
  • AcuSense 2d Generation Technology: Learn about this generation that enhances the detection of people and vehicles to lessen fake alarms.
  • Thermal Cameras Concepts and Applications: Learn how visible light cameras combine with thermal cameras to beautify standard system operation.

 Hikvision’s digital classroom, HikCentral technical training instructions, and instructor-led training classes also are available. These guides cover the desired duties and operations to install a HikCentral Server and are specifically designed to make your system information.

Don’t wait. Start sharpening your capabilities, increasing your knowledge, and growing your business today. Read our blogs.

Are Hilook Security Cameras allowed to apply in Australia?

As a result of new geopolitical activities, some Australians have been left questioning whether or not Hikvision, a safety/surveillance hardware synthetic, is safe to apply around the domestic installation or in the office.

The quick answer is; Yes – Hikvision protection merchandise is an offense to apply in Australia. And Yes – They are safe to apply for small business and domestic installation.

Hikvision provides some of the most cost-effective and advanced technology in the market. For this purpose, they’re considered one of the most valuable brands in the security industry worldwide. The Hikvision website even lists several recent Australian initiatives using Hikvision Alarm, CCTV & Access Control systems to secure their premises.

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If you’re nonetheless worried about the idea of getting safety/surveillance hardware synthetic mounted in your home and business, right here are a few extra measures you can take to grow the privacy and safety of your system:

  • Assign passwords on your cameras & recorder: Password safety on both the recorder and cameras adds extra layers of security and safety in opposition to ability hackers who can also try and view your system through the common default passwords.
  • Upgrading your system to ultra-modern firmware: You need to regularly test for any available upgraded firmware to ensure the model you’re using does not include any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Set up for local use handiest: This is the closing motel, as by using now and not connecting to an active community, you can lose your faraway view capability. However, by using your surveillance system locally, you may still be able to get entry to your digicam’s stay view and recordings at your NVR recorder without the chance of any unwanted being able to view/access your footage.
  • Always purchase your hardware from a trustworthy provider: This will ensure that you don’t get hold of any grey market/re-badged hardware that won’t be as cozy.
  • Always have your system installed with the help of an authorized installer: All Pacetech technicians are certified, insured safety professionals. We have had a wonderful experience with the Hilook cameras and many other security solutions.

At Pacetech, we offer various CCTV brands and applications and can deliver and install any security system you desire. To discover more, don’t hesitate to provide us with a call or book a free quote online.

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