Important Steps To Help You Perform Fire Suppression System Maintenance

Fire suppression systems are installed within the premise. The systems help detect and prevent fire from wide-spreading. For an effective system, proper maintenance and inspection are essential. These have to be carried out at regular intervals. 

  • Systems that are inspected and maintained often function smoothly
  • You may not face system failure in case of emergency
  • Maintenance and inspections can lead to upgrading the systems on time

These tasks are important for the protection of the premises and your employees. In case of emergency fire-outbreak, the system always has to be in working condition. You can search for fire suppression system maintenance in UAE online or offline.

  • What do regular services include?

In case you have a system installed within your premise then you need to maintain it regularly. But all types of maintenance tasks cannot be performed at the same time. This may also vary from one system to another. 

This means that during regular inspections, you may have to carry out the cleaning and testing part essentially. If the system is connected to the electrical unit then all circuits also have to be shut down.

  • Checking weight and pressure

Fire suppression systems usually work because of the consistent pressure maintained in the device. If you are using a cylinder type of system, then the weight and the pressure have to be checked consistently.

This is important as the pressure tends to decrease with time if the system has not been used or maintained for a longer time. In case the system is not functioning then the hazard integrity has to be evaluated by the professional team.

  • Checking input and output systems

Any fire suppression system is designed to detect smoke and fire and then respond immediately. The detection can be done for smoke and heat. This means that the system should have functional heat and smoke detecting system.

The output can be in the form of a sprinkler unit, water hose or foam sprinkler. In any case, the system is automated and will act the moment the fire is detected on the premises. This is important so the system keeps functioning smoothly. Inspection is the only way to check if the system is functional.

  • Test release

It certainly is not possible to test any fire suppression system unless it has been tested for release. The professional team will test the nozzle quality and release circuits. 

The suppression system will also be tested for simulation. This is generally performed in the form of mock drills carried out by the expert team. Visual inspections can never be eliminated by the team. The tasks can be performed regularly so the fire suppression system is functional. You can hire the best commercial building design services in UAE for conducting the testing process.

  • Long term inspections and maintenance

In the long term, the system also has to be maintained and inspected by the technical team. During this inspection, the nozzle quality is checked. All damaged and non-functional parts will be replaced.

The inspections are essential so the system is always in working condition. The equipment will also be inspected for the outer body in case it is rusted. The system is set back in place only if it passes the quality test. 

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