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How can I print screen on HP Laptop?

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HP Printers are one of the renowned and leading names in the world of printers. It has seamless printing quality, amazing features and great service. Yet the users keep on encountering technical problems and so they put up questions like /" target="_blank" rel="noopener">how to do print screen on HP Laptop? Now, if you are stuck and want to find out the ways to resolve it, you must follow and apply the steps. 

  • First of all, you are supposed to press the Windows and print screen keys at the same time
  • Now, soon this will capture the full screen
  • After that, you must open paint or any other image editing program
  • Now, you must press CTRL +V to paste the screenshot
  • Then, you should save the file as a JPG or PNG

Once you do follow and apply the steps, you will be able to find out the ways to resolve the issues. Go through the steps, one by one and so you would be able to seek answer to the questions like how to print screen on HP Laptop without print screen button?


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This is Kevin here professional tech and printer consultant, my role is always to try to guide new users which is enough knowledge about printers and tech devices for use. recently one user doesn't know about How to download the hp Officejet 8600 drivers for windows 10. so I will try to guide them.


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