how to get leads from Facebook

How & Why To Use Facebook Lead Form?

Before you question why your leads aren’t as good as you’d like them to be, do you have correctly set up Facebook lead forms? In this blog post, we’ll go through how to create and edit your Facebook lead form effectively to bring in more leads who will sign up for your business. Additionally, a few pointers will undoubtedly assist you as a marketer in editing the Facebook lead form. It will help you understand how to get leads from Facebook.

Create A New Lead Form On Facebook

People can sign up as leads in a straightforward, efficient manner using Facebook’s lead forms. Instead of utilizing anything like a landing page where users go away from Facebook and onto your website, the procedure is conducted wholly on Facebook.

If your website or funnel isn’t speed-optimized, sending customers to a landing page from Facebook might occasionally be problematic. The average individual might not have the patience to wait for it to load very long. It is quick and simple to join up using a Facebook lead form. It will help you know how to get leads from Facebook.

You must use Business Manager to access the front of your Facebook business page in order to create a Facebook lead form. Use the Publishing Tools button or the More button and then select Publishing Tools from the drop-down menu to access these features from the menu just at the top of the page.

Open your publishing tools, then select Forms Library from the menu on the left. Then, on the right, click Create. Next, if you’ve already made a lead form, you’ll have the choice of duplicating it or creating a new one. Select “New Form” Give your form a name in the Create Form window’s header. You are now prepared to create your Facebook lead form.

Check And Publish The Facebook Lead Form

After you’ve finished creating your Facebook lead form, you should check it over to make sure everything is accurate and fix any problems that Facebook finds. You will not be able to edit this form after it has been published. It can be copied, but the copy will be totally different.

The extra steps and chance of making a mistake that prevents you from delivering leads rise when you have to duplicate an existing form. You might want to look at the Settings tab as well. If you wish to target individuals who speak a language other than English, you may change the language of your form here.

If you have other forms, you can also enter your tracking parameters here, allowing you to know which form on Facebook generates leads that end up converting. You can also switch your forms from restricted to open, which would make them accessible to everyone. If not, only individuals to whom you served an ad will see it.

The field names can also be changed; however, it’s unlikely that you’ll use that option. Hit Publish if everything appears to be in order and you’re ready to submit your form. You may then utilize your new form in your Facebook ads after it has appeared in your forms library. You can locate your form in the draught library if you save it as a draft.

Edit Your Lead Forms

Lead forms need to be saved as a draft before being edited. Please refer to the section below on duplicating your lead forms if the lead form has already been published and you would like to make any changes to it.

For lead form editing:

  • Click on ad creation.
  • Select “Lead generation” for your ad objective and press “Continue.”
  • The lead form that you want to change is on the selected page.
  • Click Lead Form in the navigation menu on the left. Select the form by clicking on it. Remember to save the current form as a draft before editing it. You won’t have the chance to edit your form if it hasn’t been saved as a draft.
  • Click Edit.
  • After making your changes, select Finish form or Save draft.

Copy Your Lead Forms

A lead ad form that has already been published cannot be edited. You should duplicate an existing form, make modifications, and then save or publish the updated version. Copy of a lead advertisements form in Ads Manager to edit:

  • Create a new ad in your Ads Manager by selecting Lead generation, setting the campaign, and creating the ad set. See detailed guidelines for setting up a new lead ad campaign.
  • Add text and photos to your ad at the level of the ad. Since you’ll be asking individuals to perform a specific activity, we advise offering more information than usual. 
  • If you’re using a Facebook pixel, select it when adding a Call To Action button.
  • Select the lead form you wish to duplicate in the Lead forms area, then click Duplicate.
  • Give the form a new name. As you navigate through the form’s pages, make any necessary changes.
  • Once all changes have been completed, review your work by navigating through the form preview.
  • Click Finish Form.

In Conclusion

You cannot change existing lead ad forms, but you can use the following instructions to edit a drafting form or create a copy of an existing lead and make changes to it. Ensure that you select the proper Facebook lead form type, include required pre-fill questions, and add pertinent custom questions to pre qualify your leads.