Paint Wicker Furniture

How to Paint Wicker Furniture

You might be wondering how you can give your wicker furniture a brand-new look that will have everyone asking about it. Wicker furniture can be difficult to paint, but if you spend some time following the proper steps by Custom Furniture Dubai, then you can achieve greater results just like professional touch. Let’s take a look to paint wicker furniture properly.

Wicker Furniture Comes in Several Styles

  1. Rattan is a type of wicker made from the stalk of a climbing plant and strong enough to hold the best position in furniture making. 
  2. The stems of willow plants are used to make willow wicker. it is a softer wicker type, it might only last briefly as rattan.
  3. Another mostly used thing in furniture are reeds.Often, they are mixed with other materials, like rattan, to make them stronger and last longer.

Getting the Furniture Ready to Be Painted

When painting wicker furniture, it’s very important to carefully prepare the surface, ensuring that your paint job looks good and lasts long.

  1. Take off any cushions or other parts that can be taken off before you start. 
  2. To clean the wicker through, use a vacuum with a brush attachment. You can clean spots, especially dirty or oily, with mild soap and water.
  3. After you’ve cleaned the furniture, use fine-grit sandpaper to rub it gently, which will help the paint stick to the surface better. 
  4. Using a wet cloth can be the best choice to clean up dust or sand particles so you can move to the other step.
  5. Now is the time to get ready. 
  6. Use a brush or roller to spread a primer made for wicker furniture in an even layer. 
  7. When you paint, follow the manufacturer’s instructions about how long it needs to dry.

Which Color to Use

  1. Most of the time, you should choose paint made just for wicker furniture. 
  2. These coatings are made of a synthetic resin that keeps the wicker safe from the weather and wears and tear. 
  3. Consider using a paint that is resistant to UV light. 
  4. This always lets your furniture from its colour fading as due to heavy sunlight mostly furniture loses its color.
  5. When painting wicker furniture, there are many things to think.
  6. Most wicker furniture is painted with either oil-based or water-based paint. 

Oil-Based Paint Is More Durable and Long Lasting

  1. Water based paints are easy to use but due to its durability and age are lower than oil paints.
  2. After deciding what paint to use, you need to pick a color. 
  3. When choosing a color, remember that lighter colors make the furniture look bigger and darker colors make it look smaller. 
  4. Use a bold color on the furniture if you want it to stand out. 
  5. Furniture that you wish to fit in with the room’s decor should have a more modest hue.

If You Have Selected the Color Then Start Painting

Always start with a primer when painting wicker furniture, which will help the paint stick better to the surface and stop it from coming off or chipping in the future. Before you put on the second coat, let the first one dry completely.

Painting Wicker Furniture Only a Few Items

  1. You can use any paint color but must use paint made especially for painting furniture. 
  2. Depending on the piece of furniture, you may also need one or two brushes. 
  3. If you are painting a big piece of furniture, a roller is easier to use than a brush. 
  4. You will also need sandpaper. 
  5. This will make the surface of the wicker rougher, which will help the paint stick better.

Tips for Painting Wicker Furniture

Follow these simple steps to paint wicker furniture effectively. 

  1. You should start using fine-grit sandpaper to lightly smooth the surface, which will help the new paint stick better to the surface. 
  2. After a light sanding, remove any dust with a vacuum or soft brush.
  3. Next, seal the wicker with a primer made just for the wicker or a different kind of sealer.
  4. This will make the new color of paint last longer and look better. 
  5. Once you notice that the primer is dried, it’s time to color your paint on the furniture as you have thought.
  6. Lastly, add a clear topcoat to protect against wear and tear once you’re happy with the new paint job.

Tips for Getting a Professional Result

Before you can paint on wicker, you have to sand down the surface, giving the paint a smooth surface to stick to and stopping the paint from peeling or chipping in the future. 

For Wicker Furniture, Acrylic Paint Is Preferable Than Oil

  1. This paint will dry faster than paint made with oil and will be less likely to chip or peel. 
  2. Also, use light, even strokes, when applying the paint, so the brushstrokes don’t show.
  3. Use a clear sealant when the paint is dry because this gives your paint much strength that prevents scratching. 

If you keep these simple tips in mind when painting wicker furniture, you can easily get a finish that looks like it was done by a pro.

Rattan Furniture as the Ultimate Remedy in Furniture World

If you don’t like the look of wicker furniture, you can paint it in a few different ways to give it a new look. One way to get a weathered look is to just sand the surface of the wicker. As this is always the issue that the paint coating does not hold much and furniture gets damaged in severe wear and tear, so to prevent this, you must use varnish to enhance its original life. You could also replace old or broken wicker pieces with new ones to give your furniture a new look.


You can add color and style to your home by painting your wicker furniture. With the right tools, the process is easy and requires little preparation. Painting furniture will take little time if you are consistent in your work and love to work hard. So all my wishes are with you, may you get the best results in furniture painting.