How To Organise An Economical And Alternative Wedding?

Whether or not to celebrate any important event in our life is our own decision, as is deciding how to organize it if we want to do so; At the end of the day, we will be the protagonists. 

Thus, in case you want to enjoy an emblematic date such as your wedding with a party or a meeting to share with family and friends, it is possible to do it in a more or less traditional way without incurring large outlays.

Jalsa Lawn offer you a few tips on how to organize an economical and alternative wedding, in which you can always add those details that you love and distribute the budget as you wish, without forgetting that it is your day.


Without a doubt, the cheapest way to organize a wedding is to have an intimate wedding with a few immediate family members and friends, in which the celebration is limited to the ceremony. 

To make it even more special, the couple can read their vows, some friends can share anecdotes or express their good wishes for the couple, and it is also possible to resort to some type of ancestral tradition.

If you are thinking of organizing a more traditional meal after the ceremony, you should keep in mind that the time of year greatly influences the prices of hospitality establishments. 

The low season will always be cheaper and during the summer prices will skyrocket, in addition to being more difficult to find a date and requiring more time in advance when booking.


If you have chosen to celebrate the wedding after the ceremony, it is cheaper to prepare a cocktail than the typical banquet. To do this, you can use the garden of a family home, a picnic area, a rural tourism house or some cheap place with a terrace. 

As for the catering, you can prepare it yourself or your friends. If you order it, it will always be cheaper than a large meal with a menu. There are options as multiple as each person’s taste when it comes to skewers and appetizers, as they can range from the cheapest to the most sybarite.

Homemade desserts, selecting an inexpensive cake and setting up a bar where you can offer everything from craft beer to typical liquors from your area are other of the many options offered by this type of organization. 

In addition, it also helps everyone interact with each other at all times and the atmosphere is more relaxed. Of course, if you are planning an informal wedding, don’t forget to indicate it on the invitations or communicate it directly to the attendees.


Small details such as decorations at the ceremony or celebration location can skyrocket the budget. This will happen if you choose fresh flowers that are out of season, which will also influence the price of the bridal bouquet. The idea is to select the flowers of the season of the year in which the wedding will be celebrated.

It is also worth considering other cheaper options. You can decorate it in a simple and minimalist way with candles, or prepare centrepieces with fun or original motifs, especially if you choose to have a themed wedding, whether around cinema, literary motifs, comics, etc. the medieval or travel era, among others. 

Again, if you want to plan this type of alternative ceremony, remember to let your guests know how they should attend so that no one feels out of place.


Thanks to the Internet, invitations can be free. If you choose to make a video to invite attendees, you will only have to record it and send it by WhatsApp, by private message on social networks or by email. You can also prepare wedding invitations with a free online program like Canva and print them or send them via message.

Regarding paper invitations, remember that it is always more economical to concentrate all the content on a single card, which contains the link information: date, time, place and gift list or bank account number, in Their case. 

Also, don’t forget to ask if the ceremony is going to be informal and in the countryside or if it is a themed party. In any case, the more the number of guests is adjusted, the more economical the celebration will be, both in cards in the catering and in the souvenirs to give to the attendees.


Surely the most personal thing you can do is prepare the gifts yourself to give to the guests as souvenirs. So if crafts are your thing, don’t hesitate to take care of it, especially if the number of guests is low. 

From coloured soaps to candles with a star or a couple of hearts hanging from them to jars of salts, jams or jelly beans with a memory card, these are just some examples of the many things that you can devise with all your love for those who love you. They will accompany you during a day that you will not forget in your life.

You can also be practical and give fans if you celebrate the wedding in summer or heel covers for them if it is organized in the countryside.

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The wedding dress is one of the main objects of an event like this. The options so that the budget is not consumed by it are diverse. You can buy a party dress in white, ivory tones or any colour you want; purchase a wedding dress from other seasons; look for a second-hand model or adapt and transform an old dress that is in the family. If you love vintage, you will be excited and excited by this last option.

As for footwear, you can opt for classic shoes, choose shoes of the same colour as your bridal bouquet or break the mould and wear sneakers just like your partner. Likewise, the groom will easily find suits in the many outlets that currently exist, or he may prefer to rent one. 

All of this is in case you want to be dressed in such a way, which will be closely linked to the type of celebration you have chosen to have. Do not forget that, whatever it is, the choice is yours alone.