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5 Guides to effective decision making.
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Decision-making is not as easy as it sounds. A large part of its’ difficulty is probably because the decisions we make or don’t make are not only tied to us. For parents, a single decision may go a long way to affect/influence a child’s future. This could make the decision process a hard one. For young people, decision-making seems to be an even harder task. Firstly, they may not possess the resources to implement the decision they are about to make. Hence, they may lack the courage to. Finally, the fear of being accepted or rejected due to a decision could be a major hurdle that can prevent them from even thinking about the decision at first.

Be it a parent or a single individual. Decision-making varies across different sectors of life. It could be a career path, it could be choosing a life partner, it could be choosing a city to live in. Whichever, this process has never been easy. Let’s look at practical steps that could guide the decision-making process, guarantee a positive result and make the “decider” become a happy person.


BE AWARE OF THE CONSEQUENCES: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” -Isaac Newton. Every decision that is about to be made has its’ unique consequence. Some may be long-term, while others may be short-termed. Some may be positive, while others may be negative. Whichever the case is, being aware of the consequence(s) of a decision helps in making better decisions and it dispels the feeling of regret in the future. Being aware of the decision you’re about to make also puts you in control over that decision. And being in control of a situation increases the chances of getting a positive outcome.

SEEK COUNSEL: Seeking counsel Is a process that has been greatly overlooked in recent times. Especially among young people. A lot of young people don’t fancy interferences in their decision-making process, they think they will be misunderstood. Technological advancement in the modern-day has given social media a strong influence in the world. And young people often turn to social media to seek advice. One of the benefits of seeking counsel is that it opens your mind to a wide array of possible outcomes that could arise from a single decision. Seeking counsel doesn’t mean the decision is being made by the person giving the counsel. it only opens you up to possibilities beyond your area of focus and could also provide support systems that’ll help actualize the desired outcome.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t –you’re right!”  -Henry Ford. It will amaze you to know the success of whatever decision you’re going to be making will depend largely on how strongly convinced you are about it. And even more on how well you believe in yourself. A very strong belief in a negative decision can produce a seemingly positive result from it over time. Believing in yourself exudes a level of self-confidence that is required to achieve anything in life. “With confidence, you have won before you have started.” -Anonymous. So whatever decision you’re going to be making be sure to possess a certain level of confidence and belief in the decision.

TAKE RISKS: The biggest risk is not taking any risk -Mark Zuckerberg. This is at simple as it reads. The truth is, no one is guaranteed tomorrow’s outcome. We can only try to set up structures that will minimalize the possibility of a negative outcome. And we often miss out on opportunities of producing great results when we fail to take risks. Taking risks does not mean ignoring signs and advice. It means accepting the fact that not every outcome can be determined from the beginning. Most times all we need is to decide and work towards achieving the desired outcome.

GET TO WORK: Enough of the quotes and stories, you’ve made the decision. It’s time to put in the required work to make it a reality. Be it a good or bad decision. It was never going to work itself out anyway! Get to work now!!!

Slide into the comment section and let us know which of the tips was most helpful. Got more opinions on how to make better decisions? Feel free to leave a comment.

May 16, 2021

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