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How To Make More Money By Using Gojek Clone App In Philippines

Every entrepreneur wants to develop their own application and start making money from it! And, if you are one of these entrepreneurs aspiring to make millions from launching their own app, here’s what you need  – a Gojek Clone App In the Philippines

A Gojek-like app is not replicated but an ‘inspired’ version of the original Indonesian multi-service app called Gojek. Offering more than 101 services on demand, the clone app has stood the test of time and embarked itself as a money-making machine. 

Entrepreneurs who are short on business ideas that earn them a fortune, easily and quickly, here’s the chance to launch the best app! 

Gojek Clone App

Launch Gojek Clone In Philippines and Make Millions! 

An app like Gojek Clone is integrated with multiple services and features that make your application suitable for everyone. Be it a ten-year-old kid, an adult, or someone elderly, this app has the caliber to serve all. 

Thus, by launching the Gojek-like app, you are setting yourself up a platform that makes money even when you are asleep! 

How to make the quickest million with Gojek Clone App In Philippines? Well, that’s an excellent question, and here’s your answer – 

Earn commissions on every service booking 

Making money with commissions isn’t new but it’s the most amazing way to bring profits into the business. 

How does this work? 

Suppose that a user has booked a taxi ride from one location to another. Now, the invoice generated on this ride showed a total of $45. 

Say the commission rate charged on taxi rides is 12%. Therefore, from this single $45 ride, you will earn $5.4 while the remaining $39.6 goes to the taxi driver. 

Simply put, this is how you will earn commissions on every single service that’s booked on your application. Yes, it includes all the 101+ services! 

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Earn a lump sum with Membership Subscription Plan 

You as the Gojek Clone App get the opportunity to curate the subscription plans. This means you get to decide the price, features, names, and time validity of each and every plan. 

Usually, the plans available are monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual. Thus, every time a user purchases one of these plans, you get an entire sum of money. 

Besides, plan purchases save users from paying a commission on every service booking. Also, if the user renews the plan on expiration or upgrades to another plan, you earn money! 

Earn extra money with the Gojek-like app 

To add to your profit generation, the app like gojek also allows you to make extra cash. This money is earned from commissions on surge pricing and cancellation fees. 

Earn commissions on surge pricing 

With Gojek Clone App In Philippines, you get more commission every time there is a surge in the pricing. This means, if there is a surge in the service charges due to holidays, bad weather, or high demand, you make more money. 

Suppose the demand for taxis is high at X location of the city but there are fewer drivers, the taxi fares may increase at the moment. If it costs $50 for a certain distance, the user may have to pay $60 for the same because of high demand. Thus, you earn an additional dollar when the commission rate is 10% (you earn $6 instead of $5)! 

Earn commissions on cancellation fees

The user needs to pay cancellation charges if they book a service and cancel it at the very last minute. Therefore, on this fee, you get to earn commissions while the remaining amount gets credited to the provider’s in-app wallet or bank account! 

In Conclusion: 

Now that you know the secret to making more money with the Gojek Clone App In the Philippines, why not launch your own app ASAP? 

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