How to Make DIY Acrylic Keychains to Give to All Your Friends

The best craft to use is macramé: simple to learn. Use household items you already have. incredibly fulfilling to do. And DIY tassel and macramé keychains are the ideal illustrations of this idea; as a result, we’re providing you with step-by-step directions for simple, charming acrylic keychains that you can make in any style you prefer. They also make the cutest small presents.

Why Create Your Own Macramé Keychains?

Here are some justifications for making a personalised keychain in case you need one or become addicted after making one:

For the house- and pet-sitter, make a lovely keychain.

Give as housewarming presents, congratulations on a new automobile, birthday presents, gift wrap extras, and stocking stuffers.

To provide a valet or when you bring your car in for service, create a keychain with simply your car key on it.

The keychain you’ve owned for ages has to be updated.

Decorate your bag or backpack.

Make the luggage tag that stands out on the baggage carousel.

Give a trusted neighbour a set of keys so they can help you if you get locked out and don’t want to break into your house.

what you’ll require

  • 1″ keychains
  • natural cotton piping cord, 3/16″
  • Beads
  • Yarn or embroidery floss
  • a little rubber band (just for keychain #4)
  • Scissors

How to Make Square Knot Macramé Keychains

Starting with keychains #1 and #6 in the aforementioned group shot. They are created with a basic square knot and its fancier, unfinished sibling, the half square knot.

Start with two 50′′ (or so) pieces of cord for each. Each should be wrapped around the keyring with a larkspur knot, with the outside strands being roughly 2/3 the cord’s length. To view the step-by-step images, use the free download.

Make around five square knots for keychain #1, add the bead, tie a half square knot beneath it, and finish it off with a tassel.

Make approximately 16 half square knots for keychain #6 and add a tassel to complete it.

Make use of your choice embroidery thread colours and the stages in our printed instructions to give your tassel the ideal decorative neck.

You’re done once you separate the cable at the ends and trim it.

How to Make Tassel and Bead Keychains

The amount of beads and length of the tassel are different on keychains #3 (below left) and #5 (above left), but they both employ the same approach.

Start by attaching a piece of yarn of 10 to 16 inches to your custom keychain using a larkspur knot.

Put the beads in.

We used roughly 20 pieces of yarn cut into tassels. (You decide on the length and fluff. Double the length to get your desired tassel.) Put a basic knot on it and centre it underneath the bead. Tie a double knot and tighten your beads and tassel.

Using the instructions in our written instructions or this video, fold the tassel in half and wrap the neck with yarn or embroidery thread.

Instructions for Making a Striped Clove Hitch Keychain

Keychain #2 (above right) may appear elaborate and difficult, yet it just requires two straightforward knots to create its chic personalised colour scheme.

Start with two lengths of cord that are around 20 inches long (you can always trim them shorter; start out long). Each one should be wrapped around the keyring in a larkspur knot, with the outside strands being somewhat longer than the inside ones. To view the step-by-step images, use the free download.

Utilizing a few different yarn colours, add vertical clove hitch stitches. To get you started, this video includes simple instructions on how to measure your yarn. Each of the first two colours received two rows, and the third colour received one row.

Tie a complete square knot in the centre.

Reverse the top set of vertical clove hitsches and add another set.

Ends are quickly trimmed to complete it.

Keychain #4 (above left) shows how to make a folded braid keychain, and it couldn’t be simpler.

Approximately twice as long as you want the finished personalised keychain, cut three sections of cord.

A few inches from the ends, stack them, smooth out the strands, and secure one end with a little rubber band.

Make a basic braid. Stop when you are situated between the rubber band’s ends.

Through the keyring, loop one end. Put the rubber band around both ends if you’d want to secure them.

Turn the ends into a tassel by following the directions in our video or in the free printable macramé keychain instructions. Under the braid, begin the neck. As you begin to wrap the neck with embroidery floss, you can cut the rubber band loose.

Finish it off by tying knots in the cord’s ends.

A common form of polymer used to create keychains, casings for eyewear, and other little objects is acrylic. Acrylic polymer is a thermoplastic that can be heated to high temperatures and quickly cooled, making it the perfect material to use when creating goods that need to be durable but lightweight. Acrylic keychains are BPA-free and allow for customization. They are a dependable accoutrement. Add some colour and style to your promotional keychains to give them some individuality.

Custom acrylic keychains can be made in a variety of styles by Vivipins. The personalised keychain is the most common style. The owner’s name or initials are engraved on this kind of keychain. Custom acrylic keychains featuring photos or designs, as well as those that are themed or particular to an occasion, are other popular varieties. There is undoubtedly a great match for everyone, no matter the type! While some keychains just have one image or design, others have many. Keychains containing pictures of people, animals, and flowers are available. The acrylic keychain can be customised by the vendor, or you can choose the style and colour yourself. You may find the ideal gift for any occasion at Vivipins thanks to their wide selection of colours and designs.

Vivipins can produce promotional acrylic keychains for your company, organisation, or club. Everyone will use and carry around custom acrylic keychains, making them a terrific method to advertise your company. This will aid in spreading the word about your company name and logo. With personalised acrylic keychains, you can put your brand in the pockets of your customers. Send us your artwork, and we’ll create premium keychains with full-color printing and die-cutting in any shape. Custom keychains are the perfect giveaways for any business or event because they are portable, robust, and light.

January 9, 2023

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