How to Import OLM into Mac Mail on Mac with Accurate Results?

Are you bored of using Outlook for Mac and so thought to switch onto Mac Mail email client? Having files of old email client which you need to access in Mac Mail urgently? Wondering how to import OLM into Mac Mail on Mac with all emails and attachments safely? No need to worry, simply read the segment till the end and in-between you will discover a solution that will help you to successfully import OLM into Mac Mail on Mac with 100% accurate results.

Email Clients are a powerful medium for managing digital communication on a daily basis. There are plentiful email applications available online. And thus, people keep changing email platforms. They frequently move from one email client to another to experience a distinct GUI and way of functioning.

Why it is necessary to convert OLM files to Import OLM into Mac Mail?

Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail are two popular email applications of Mac operating system. People keep switching between them due to several official reasons. One of the most common reasons is upgrading to new Mac OS version.

Apple Mail is a default email program of Mac and so if users’ upgrade to new Mac OS, they configure their email account in already existing email application instead of installing the new one. This saves their time and efforts at the time of emergency.

However, changing from one email client to another is not a complicated procedure. The challenge arises when a user want to access files of old email program into a new one. Because, every email application possesses different file formats and those file formats are accessible only on their respective platforms.

In this case, Outlook for Mac supports OLM format where it keeps all the information and data of user’s account. Whereas, Apple Mail make use of MBOX format where it stores the entire list of email messages in ASCII-text and attachments in encoded form. So, in order to import OLM into Mac Mail on Mac, it is necessary to convert OLM to MBOX.

How to Import OLM into Mac Mail on Mac with Accurate Results?

The precise and easy way to import OLM into Mac Mail on Mac is MacMister OLM to MBOX Converter Tool. The software interface is simple, reliable, and cost-effective. Users with professional and non-professional skills can handle the task with ease and perform the conversion without any problem. Even, the operational steps are minimum and take less time of users to implement the whole task.

Moreover, the software contains countless features that allow users to import OLM into Mac Mail on Mac according to specific requirements. You can download the trial edition of the app and test the conversion of the application for free.

Working Steps to Import OLM into Mac Mail on Mac

Step 1. Download, install, and run MacMister OLM to MBOX Tool on Mac machine.


Step 2. Use the two options i.e. Add File(s) and Add Folder buttons. With the help of Add File(s) button, users will be able to add required OLM files on the software whereas Add Folder enables users to add a folder with lots of OLM files on the app for batch conversion. Click Next.


Step 3. The software will list OLM files with checkboxes on the application pane. By default, all will be selected. However, you can deselect all of them and select them as per your preferences and perform the selective OLM to MBOX conversion. Click Next.


Step 4. Click Select Saving Options and select MBOX format from the menu.


Step 5. Set the options of MBOX according to the requirements and click on Export button to start the conversion process.

Step 6. The conversion will be live and a Live Conversion Report will appear in front of you that shows the current import status of OLM files.


The completion of the process will be notified with a message “Conversion Completed”. Click on OK and then go to Apple Mail email client to view resultant files.

Step-by-Step Guide to Access Resultant Files in Apple Mail

Step 1. Open Apple Mail email client on your Mac OS.

Step 2. You can head towards File and select Import Mailboxes… option.

Step 3. Choose Files in MBOX format option and press Continue button.

Step 4. Now, go to resultant MBOX files location. Select them and press Choose.

Step 5. The import process will start and ends quickly in seconds with enabled Done button. You can click on it to close the screen.

The main Apple Mail email account screen appears. Go to left navigation pane and under On My Mac, you will see new Import folder with the sub-folder of Inbox that shows the total count of email messages. You can click on the required email message to verify the result. However, you will see that the content of all email messages is accurate and appearing with precise formatting properties.


The write-up here highlighted an incredible approach to import OLM file into Mac Mail on Mac with emails and attachments safely. MacMister OLM Converter for Mac is a secure solution that handles the conversion smoothly and delivers accurate results in a short time. Anyone can independently perform the task without any difficulty. However, the free demo version of the software is present which is useful in experiencing the conversion process for free. It also enable user to import 25 OLM files to MBOX free of cost.