How To Get Your Traffic Back After Google Rankings Drop In 2023?

It is quite common to drop your google rankings, as many website owners have faced it. But you do not need to worry, as you can get your traffic back. All you need is to follow a few steps. But unfortunately, many people have complained about doing everything properly, and even then, they find their Google ranking has dropped drastically.

Your rankings fluctuate after you have stopped working on your site or you have abandoned your site. It might even be something else. Unfortunately, there is no particular reason that can be given for the drop in your website’s ranking on Google.

A Few Reasons Why Your Google Ranking Dropped Dramatically

It is painful to see your rankings drop and realize all your hard-earned rankings change completely. But you do not need to panic, as it might happen to any website. However, now you need to hold your nerves and understand the reasons behind your website’s Google ranking drop. The following are the major reasons why your Google rankings might have drastically dropped:

  • It might be because of the absence of accurate data on your website.
  • Check whether your sites are still indexed or not.
  • Some pages on your site might not be compliant with Google Search Console.
  • It might be because of negative SEO attacks from others using spammy and unnatural links.
  • The contents on your pages might be low-quality and not adhere to Google’s algorithm.
  • There might be a major update in the Google Algorithm.
  • Your competitors might be doing something different from you.
  • It might be because of lost backlinks or low-quality links.
  • Changes in your sites also affect their rank, like design, content management system, etc.
  • One of the rare changes includes a sudden change in the behavior of your users.
  • Your SEM traffic might be coming in the way of your SEO traffic.
  • Maybe your site is not mobile-friendly. Hence, making the website responsive is really important.

If your website ranking drastically drops, try to contact the nearest SEO service, provider. An experienced SEO service provider knows various ways to bring a low-ranking website to rank high in Google. For example, if you are the owner of a law firm, you need to find the nearest law firm’s SEO services by searching for them on the internet. A well-reviewed SEO service agency will revive your website ranking in no time.

A Few Ways To Get Your Traffic Back After Google Rankings Dropped

Although there are various factors that might have caused Google rankings to drop, however, you need to take the right steps to make sure that your rankings might get revived quickly. You need to check your website both technically, as well as check the content part as well. 

The following are the steps that are essential for you to take if you want your Google rankings back on track:

1. Understand The Impact Of The Drop In The Ranking

The Google rankings drop will affect both the search queries as well as the pages on your website. You need to analyze them to understand the issue. Make use of Google Search Console, web analytics data, and also webmaster tools to understand the scope of the impact of the sudden drop in Google rankings of your website.

Once you look at the various factors, you will find a pattern. It might even be the case that the drop in ranking is because of some of the most impacted sections of your website.

2. Check What Changes Were Made Recently

Recent website changes also contribute to a drop in website ranking. However, the change needs to be large enough. You can see fluctuations in your ranking or your Google rankings drop when you have reworked many contents, redesigned your website, or might have shifted some pages within your website. 

So, it is quite obvious that your rankings will get affected. The best way to revive your rankings is to go back as much as possible to the status of the website before.

3. The Technical Changes On Your Website Matter A Lot

You need to check the crawling changes and the changes relating to the indexing of your website. Some of the major changes might have happened in the following areas:

  • Change in the canonical URLs.
  • Check whether your HTTP status returns the value of 200.
  • Check your meta robots tag, which matters a lot in search engine indexing.
  • Check whether your robots.txt file has encountered some changes or not.
  • Your hreflang definitions might not be correctly set up as usual.

Here, you need to track the major changes in your website. Some of the technical changes in your website, no matter how good were they, can affect the rankings and might result in Google rankings drop.

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4. Changes In The Content Of Your Website

The Google search engine algorithm makes use of your content to evaluate the relevance of the search queries that are present within your content. This has a major impact on the ranking of your content. Therefore, even if you have removed some pages containing content, it might result in a major change in the ranking of the website resulting in a Google ranking drop.

5. Google Algorithm Update

One of the major causes of your website’s Google rankings drop is due to a change in its algorithm of Google. In such cases, you need to check whether the algorithm update is coinciding with the change in your rankings. Hence, it is recommended to stay updated with the changes and make sure to apply such changes.

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A drop in your website’s Google rankings can happen sometimes. There is no need to be sad. You just need to find out the exact cause, as has been mentioned in the article. Once you find the cause, you can update the change easily and raise your rankings again.

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