How To Combine The Basics With Style: Tips For a Perfect Look

It is recommended to have some defined basics with which we can recreate a multitude of combinations on those days when we do not want to think too much about our looks. 

The main advantage of creating a look made with basics is mainly to save time when deciding on a  look,  but without neglecting the style. 

Essential To Create A Basic Look 

With the right clothes, we will have a base with which to work. And you will ask yourself, what are these garments? 

The following items should not be missing from every wardrobe: 

  • A white T-shirt
  • A white shirt
  • Some jeans with which we feel comfortable and skinny jeans fit us perfectly, mom jeans, straight cut. In dark tones in winter and in summer in lighter tones.
  • A black blazer
  • Black suit pants
  • The little black dress, or what is the same, a black dress
  • some high heels
  • Some white sneakers
  • A trench coat
  • A leather jacket
  • A wool sweater in grey, navy blue, or black
  • The sailor-striped t-shirt
  • A long dress
  • A classic cut coat
  • black skirt
  • Leather skirt

These are some of the garments that we will find in most wardrobes regardless of age or style. They are basics that adapt to all types of sizes, so they work very well as a base garment with other garments in our wardrobe or between them. 

Of course, these basics should be adapted to each person’s lifestyle and age. It may not be the same cut for pants or blazers for a 20-year-old  woman as it is for a 50-year-old woman. More youthful styles look for basic oversize garments according to trends, while those who seek more sophistication and provide a more serious touch, will opt for more defined styles.  

Many people think that working with basics can take away from personality, however, the key lies in how we combine these basics. We will spend less time selecting  clothes,  but we will be able to spend a little more time adding the accessories that best suit the look of that day. 

Here are some tips for combining basic garments in your day-to-day life. 

Let A Star Garment Stand Out 

If that day you want to wear a more striking garment, that contains a special colour but you don’t know exactly how to combine it, a basic look will help you create that base on which to place that jacket that you like so much or perhaps those pants or that skirt How hard is it for you to carry? 

If you want to highlight the t-shirt or shirt, choose simple jeans or dress pants and you will shine!

The Scarf, The Perfect Companion 

The scarves give infinite combinations, either as a scarf around the neck, as a scrunchie, or as a complement to the bag. 

A beautiful scarf with a cashmere print, Liberty flowers, or whatever you like. This garment will highlight your style and the style you want to wear that day depending on the print you choose.   

A scarf gives you endless options to add to any look. If you decide to put it on your neck, depending on the size you can experiment with a bow tie,  folded in a triangle, etc.  

Get Out That Jewel Bag And Make It Shine!

If you have a bag that you don’t usually carry because it’s hard for you to combine it, take the opportunity to take it out of your closet and combine it with your basics. The most special bags are always more difficult to combine because of the colours or patterns. Dare to wear it with a look that makes it stand out. 

Printed Or Brightly Coloured Jackets

There is nothing better to complete a look than a jacket or coat with personality. This can be of any colour and carry any type of print, if you wear the base garments,  it will be perfect.  

A trick: combine it with the colour of the shoes! 

Bring That Touch Of Colour To The Shoes  

If you want the look to truly show your personality, you cannot miss some shoes that provide some colour, and if they combine with one of the colours of your scarf, or your jacket, much better.    

The shoe can be of any style, you know that dress pants and white sneakers can also look great and high-heeled shoes with jeans elevate the look.  

Other Accessories To Combine 

According to Albeli, To complete the look, there should be no shortage of overlapping necklace accessories or a maxi necklace to place on a simple white t-shirt.   

Another complement can be the jewel belts. They are special belts with rhinestones or some colour or pattern that is difficult to combine but that fit the simplest looks. 

Like the jacket, you can also play with other colours of the look, for example, with the shoes or the bag scarf. Repeat the colour of any of these garments and in this way, you will maintain balance and sophistication within the look.