How to Combine PDF Files for Free

PDF files are the best way to share documents without worrying about someone copying them or changing the content on it. However, when you have to combine several PDF files it can be a problematic situation. You will need to either download or purchase a PDF reader which can do all this for you. Not everyone have the time and patience to do this. So if you are seeking ways to combine your files without buying or downloading the software, there is a smart way to do it. Several PDF merging tools are available online that allows you to combine any file with operating system or device.

Here are 8 online tools that can help in merging PDF files at no cost.

Upload your files from any destination and adjust them according to your choice. You can simply download the files or sent it your or any email address.

This online tool allows you to drag and drop PDF files from computer or any other destination where it is located to its uploaded and manages it any way you like. Ensuring the security and safety of your data, the servers over here also delete your data stored on the website permanently.

A simple tool to merge PDF by uploading them from computer or drive, change the order and download into a single PDF document.

You can not only upload the PDF files and images from computer or drives but you can also reorder them, create table of content, and combine them into one PDF document. Once done, just save your document on dropbox. The Sejda tool also allows you to scan physical documents with your mobile phone and send them to Sejda to merge them into combine PDF file.

This online tool allows you to drag and drop PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, documents and images from computer or any other drive to uploader. You can arrange the order before combining them into a single document.

Drag and drop up to 20 PDF files and image files on PDF joiner uploader, change the order and combine them into one PDF file.

This tool allows you to combine the PDF, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and images into one document. However, you will have to ensure that you upload the files in the order in which you want them to be merged.

Drag and drop any PDF file to its uploader, change the order or edit it and merge them into a single PDF file. This also deletes your data from its server to maintain the security.

All these tools are very easy to use and anyone can utilize them accordingly free of cost.