How to Choose a Security Company

Today’s world can be a tough place. We are in an age where security is essential to protect our businesses, employees and customers from people who would like to cause harm, steal property, or even vandalise our businesses. Therefore, it’s sometimes necessary to hire a private security company to protect you and your business.

Defensor Electronic Security Systems specialises in physical guarding, armed response, alarm installations and monitoring, CCTV installations, real time CCTV monitoring, videofied alarms monitoring and installation, clear view and electric fence installations.

Find the Right defensor security Company is Challenging
Are you in need of a security company, but don’t know where to start? It can be challenging when you start out researching professional security companies. What do you look for? Is there certifications to consider?

There’s a lot to look at when searching to discover the best security company for your business. That’s why we’ve created this guide which walks you through some essential facts to consider, along with tips on what to find in a security company.

Considerations Before YOU START Research
There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself before even beginning the seek out the right security company. Listed here are important questions to ask yourself:

1). What type of security services do you need?

Here, you’ll need to consider the sort of security services you need. Do you already know the answer? If not, will you need an expert to review the premises of your business or venue, then offer recommendations? Also, would you know what kind of company provides these services? Do you desire a local company or a national chain?

If you already know the answer to the primary question, then you’re ready to move on to the next question. On the other hand, if you’re not sure how to answer this question, then it might be a good idea to contact a security expert for their advice before moving ahead with your quest.

2). The Research & Interview Phase

It’s a good idea to create a set of 5-7 security companies to interview for the security services you will need. In this way, you’ll more companies to choose from, as well as different types and levels of services.

Once the list is created, then it’s essential to have the list and call each business. Ask if it’s possible to set up a meeting and ask if you can view a site they manage. Viewing a site the company manages gives you advisable of how the security company would work with your business.

Next, you’ll need to ask for quotes. See if the companies will provide a written quote, which lists the services they would frequently provide, along with the cost.

Once you have interviewed each security company it will be time to compare notes. Search for those services that are the best fit for your security needs, and a good fit for your budget.

What Qualities Should You Look for in a defensor security company bloemfontein Company?
Now, here are the tips to help you find the right company for your organisation’s security requirements. Listed below are the most crucial characteristics to search for in a security firm:

1). SIA Licensing

In the UK, the security industry is regulated with a Security Industry Authority (SIA). This organisation ensures that private security businesses are properly trained and qualified to do security work. The SIA covers the next types of security services:

Public Space Surveillance (CCTV)
Door supervision
Close protection
Cash & valuables in transit
Immobilisation, restriction & removal of vehicles

Key holding
Look for security companies that are qualified by the SIA to ensure they compliant. Which means that the director (head) of the organization is required to be SIA licensed, as well as all staff who are providing security services. This is actually the minimum requirement that all security companies in the UK will need to have to operate a business. If a security organisation doesn’t have SIA licensing, they are running an illegal business.

2). Accreditations

While SIA is required as the very least, look for a security firm that also has other types of accreditation(s) including:

British Security Industry Association (BSIA): determine if the firm is a member of the BSIA, which is the trade association for the security industry in the united kingdom.
The Security Institute: one of the largest membership organisations for security firms. This org requires members to obtain comprehensive training and knowledge to become listed on.
CHAS Accredited Contractor: this is the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme, that was developed to provide a standard to ensure service providers are competent, as well as dedicated to the & safety of their employees & customers.

SafeContractor: this accreditation ensures that a firm is competent to provide the services they provide.
3). Customisation

Next, you’ll want to check to see if the company offers a flexible service, the one which can be customised for your specific security requirements. This is an area where local security businesses often excel over the large national chain.

4). Responsivity

Look for a security company that can create a bespoke security service to meet your requirements. For example, what happens if the needs you have change at the last minute? Is it possible to add guards, for instance? How long does it take them to react to a request or change?

5). Internal Training

As you research and interview security firms, make sure to enquire about the sort of training their security guards carry. Look for businesses that require on-going training for their security guards. While all security professionals must have a minimum amount of training to obtain their license, continued education ensures the firm and their security staff are knowledgeable and trained on current security issues, operations, plus more.