How Old Is Your Home’s Exterior Siding in Larkspur, California?

In Larkspur, California, the weather may harm a home’s siding all year round. As a result, local siding contractors in Larkspar are kept busy with everything from minor repairs to full-scale replacements. Northern Pacific Roofing installs the best product on the market to protect your home from the damage that wind, rain, and other weather can do. Today, we discuss several siding-related factors to think about and explain why you should choose our business to maintain the outside of your house.

Not all Larkspur siding contractors think alike, and not all building materials are the same.

How Long Has Your Larkspur, California, Home’s Siding Been Around?

The outside of a house looks better and is more protected when the siding is replaced. Your siding is starting to degrade when the effects of the weather start to appear on the exterior of your home. You may start to see warping, cracks, holes, and fungus. You should pay close attention to these common signs of siding damage because they will let you know when professional siding repair is needed. Any openings might let moisture into your house, which would lead to serious issues, including the growth of mold.

Do You Know How Old Is Your Home’s Siding in Larkspur, California?

Wood siding must thus be regularly maintained and stained to prevent excessive water infiltration. Although high-quality vinyl siding could stand up well in more moderate or chilly regions, it is prone to fade, bubble, or peel in hot climes. Vinyl siding is praised for its price. James Hardie fiber cement siding is a wise choice for many regions since it is thicker than vinyl and less porous than wood siding.

Northern Pacific Roofing has been helping people in Larkspur, California fix and replace their siding for more than 20 years. Our talented team of experts is proud to give our customers the best siding services possible by using the best products and installation methods. No matter how large or little the job is, we are dedicated to doing it quickly and with precision. Our top priority is to completely satisfy you!

Get Trustworthy Siding Replacement and Repair Services in Larkspur, California

Allow our professionals to handle any replacement siding or roofing on your Larkspur house. We can provide whatever kind of siding you choose, whether it be horizontal, vertical, shake and shingle, or another. By hiring Northern Pacific Roofing, you can be confident that highly skilled and knowledgeable experts will install your new siding. To get a free home inspection and quote, call us right now.