How Much Does Automotive Powder Coating Cost?

If you’re looking to powder coat your products, Rusty Lions is here to help. The powder coating cost will depend on several variables. From the size of the object and the number of items to labor rates and type of finishing, several factors add up to the final powder coating cost.

 The primary considerations are the type of material used, the amount of labor needed, and the volume of the project.

·        Manpower

Labor is charged on a per-hour basis, which is then broken down to production volume to arrive at a cost-per-part estimate. Labor charges include wages paid to the spray personnel, quality control executives, supervisors, and other individuals.

·        Fixed Costs

The rent and maintenance of the facility, along with any support services are inclusive of the fixed costs.

 If you’re an auto part dealer or manufacturer, you may be interested in the average powder coating cost in New Jersey.

 Bicycle frames will cost $70-$90, whereas 4-wheeler frames would cost more than $250. Smaller items like motorcycle exhaust will start at $75 onwards, and vehicle carburetors may range between $100-$200. Standard car wheels will require $50-$60 per item.

 Other items like a metallic sheet won’t have a fixed price for powder coating. Instead, they’ll be calculated on a per-square-foot basis. The average powder coating cost of metal sheets starts from $6 per square foot.

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