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How is DHI Better Than FUT and FUE procedures?

Hair loss and hair thinning is the biggest nightmare for any person! When you start seeing your hair falling and a bald patch right in the middle of the head, you lose your temper and feel like procuring a magic hair growth potion. 

Big shampoo and conditioner companies try to convince you to buy the famous onion shampoo for hair growth, but it’s not that easy. Getting a full crop of hair requires persistence and the right method. 

You might want a hair transplant because it has helped many people. Getting a hair transplant guarantees that you will get a full crop of hair by the end of the year. It takes a few months to a year to see the results, but the result is quite impressive. 

Since you have already decided to get a hair transplant, you must know that there are different types/methods. There are methods like FUE, FUT, and DHI on offer. 

We suggest you get a DHI procedure, but once again, as a consumer, you should know why DHI is superior to FUE and FUT. Book the best hair transplant in Gurgaon to reap multiple benefits, but before that, read our informative post, as we have compared all the methods for you! 

Who Should Get a Hair Transplant? 

Hair transplants are meant for those with hair thinning, bald patches, baldness, and hair fall issues. If you feel you have lost too much hair and don’t want to flaunt your bald patches to the world, you can get a hair transplant. 

You are troubled by all the name-calling. In a country like India, people behave as if they are progressive, but they never stop teasing people with bald patches or no hair. They give you different names and make you feel like a social outcast. 

You have tried every shampoo and conditioner in the market. You have also tried different methods that your grandma told you about. Nothing is working! A hair transplant will work for you. 

The hair transplant procedure is effective, and although it takes a little time to see the results, you will be pleased by the end of the year when your hair starts growing. 

The hair transplant procedure is almost the same everywhere, but the method can differ. The goal is to take hair follicles from the donor region and plant it in the recipient region. This is what’s done in all the procedures, but there are three methods. 

First, you have the FUE. Then there is FUT. Finally, you have the DHI procedure. 

What are the differences between these three? Everyone says DHI is an improved method, but there are some reasons behind it. Let’s find out why it’s superior to the other two. 

DHI – An Improved Method of Hair Transplant 

The Direct Hair Implantation method uses a special pen to take hair follicles from the donor region. Then, the surgeon uses the same to implant the follicles to the balding area. 

These follicles can be taken from any body part where hair growth is abundant. Sometimes, patients feel that the follicles are being taken from an uncanny body part, but it is a part of the procedure, and the results are fantastic. 

The DHI procedure is much more efficient, and the best part is that it’s painless. You do not feel any pain during the procedure, and it does not cause any bleeding. The healing time is also reduced as compared to FUE and FUT. 

The surgeon shaves your head and then applies local anesthesia to numb the area. A special tool is used – it has a fine tip, so extracting follicles becomes easier. 

Once the procedure is done, the surgeon gives you pain management medications. You see better results within a stipulated period. DHI is better because healing takes a lot less time, and there are no major side effects. 

DHI is a fairly new method compared to the other two, but it has been around for quite some time. You will not feel any pain, and your hair will start growing within a few months. 

What else do you want from a hair transplant procedure? This one’s painless, healing time is less, and you see better results too. 

DHI is the preferred method for hair transplant, so read reviews and check ratings before opting for any clinic. You will be pleased by the results of DHI and will be happy with your decision later on.