Presenting a CV is not a new requirement when pursing a particular job/position in an organization. There are certain ways e-learning can help to secure an interview and eventually lead to your employment.

It can build your CV:

It is not as easy these days to secure a job, especially in the Nigerian market with just your first degree as companies seek to employ the best. In a highly competitive market with so many job seekers who are equally qualified in a certain field, you can give yourself an edge by adding extra knowledge from relevant and related fields through various courses on e-learning platforms.

Giving a certain impression:

Remember a resume shows your achievements, qualifications and personal skills. An e-learning certification is not usually what your prospective employer will be expecting. Having a certification in an e-learning course gives the impression that you are conversant with and actively engaged with new technologies. If there’s one thing that companies do these days is to take advantage of innovations and the internet to modernize their businesses and make it better.

Make you stand out:

Standing out means having something different. An employer might have similar qualifications from other applicants but where and how it’s obtained is enough to make you stand out and get called for an interview.

Shows self-discipline and focus:

Because of the uniqueness of e-learning and its learner centered nature that puts the students in full control of where and when to learn, completion of courses can be attributed to  self-discipline and focus of that individual because there’s no body to enforce class attendance and give moral encouragement to complete courses. This is an essential personal attribute that companies look for, so an e-learning certification will only be a confirmation.