How Custom E-Juice Boxes Can Help the Brand Generate More Revenue?

E-Juice is the liquid used in e-cigarettes and vapes; it is also called vape juice. It is made up of different chemicals such as; propylene glycol, nicotine, and more. Vape is a new modern way of smoking. There are many famous e-juices that are delivering different flavors for the vapes. Approximately, there are around 55 million e-cigarette users, and the number is increasing by the day. The vaping industry has become a billion-dollar industry, and it is projected to reach 40 billion dollars very soon.

Some of the famous e-juice brands are; MIST Vape Juice Ranges, Wild Roots, and Nasty Juice, and the list is quite long. As more people are considering vapes over classic cigarettes, the competition between these brands is rapidly increasing. Brands are trying different tactics to get more customers on board. One of the best ways to attract customers is by delivering uniquely designed and styled packaging. That’s why the brand prefers Custom e-juice boxes. These boxes have unique characteristics that deliver value to the customer, and also help the brands to grow their business effectively.

Effectual Marketing

Marketing plays a vital role in the growth of any business. Marketing is considered the core entity of the business; it can help the brand reach the masses. By coming up with unique marketing strategies, brands can take their products to a new audience and convert them into customers. Since the competition between the brands is increasing, it is the right time to run successful marketing campaigns to grab more market share. Custom e-juice boxes can act as a unique marketing strategy. By using these boxes, brands can make their marketing campaigns unique and attractive. These boxes are highly customizable, brands can design these boxes any way they want.


These boxes are cost-effective. They are made up of recycled material so they are also eco-friendly. Recycled material costs less than non-recycled material. There are also different material options such as; Chipboard, Cardboard, Kraft, etc. These materials are high-quality materials, and at the same time, they are inexpensive. Brands can also get these boxes in bulk; getting boxes in high quantities can also help to save a bunch of bucks. This approach helps brands to get high-profit margins, and eventually increase revenue.

Attractive Design

A good and attractive design can grab the customer’s attention at a glance. Customers are easily attracted to beautiful and elegant designs. Since these boxes are fully customizable, brands can take advantage of this feature and can deliver a unique packaging experience to the customers. Brands can print these boxes in different colors to give them an attractive look. Brands can also use unique design elements on these boxes to showcase products differently. Customization is the core feature of these boxes. By using these boxes, brands can increase their customer footprint.

More customers mean more sales, and more sales lead brands to generate more revenue. Brands can also get these boxes in custom sizes. E-juice products can be different in dimensions and require a unique size of packaging. Brands can fulfill this requirement by using these boxes, and brands can fit the e-juice products properly in these boxes.

Strong Presence

A strong presence in the market can help the brands to bring more revenue on board. Custom e-juice boxes can help brands develop a strong presence. Brands can print their company details, and official logo to build their solid brand image. Brands can also print their social media account details on these boxes.

These boxes act as identification of the product and the brand. Brands can use different strategies with the help of these boxes to make their social media presence stronger. Brands can offer different discounts to customers who follow their accounts and share pictures of the products. This approach helps brands increase the engagement of their accounts, and eventually, they can reach more people.

Unique Customization

These boxes are available in different styles. Brands can die-cut these boxes in unique styles to bring out an attractive look. A wide range of styles helps brands to showcase their products in an interesting way. Brands can also take customization to the next level by coming up with a unique strategy. Since e-juices are in different flavors, brands can design these boxes based on flavors. Famous e-juice flavors include; Coconut e-juice, Pear e-juice, and more. Brands can use the illustrative elements of coconut and design the boxes for coconut flavor e-juice.

This approach can help brands attract customers. Using these boxes, brands can deliver a unique unboxing experience.


Custom e-juice boxes have unique attributes that can help the brands and the customers to enjoy the product. These boxes can elevate the customer experience by delivering startling benefits. Brands can design these boxes in a unique way to fascinate customers. Altogether, these features help brands to generate more revenue and build a strong identity even in the high competition.

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