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How Best Packers and Movers Shift Plants Hassle Free

Most of the people are nature and plant lovers and they spend most of the time looking after the plants. They make it a point to give water and add fertilizer to the plants on the regular basis. Doing this particular kind of activity helps them to decrease their stress and feel happier. However, when relocation is planned to different city in India, then an individual has two options, either he can leave the plants at the old home or take them along at the new destination.

If the decision is made to pack and move with the plants, then is necessary to take proper care of them, otherwise, they can suffer some kind of damage. If you do not know how to deal with this particular situation, then it will be quite better to take out the list of packers movers in delhi. Besides the furniture, electronic products, etc, they are also quite professional enough to move the plants in a very efficient manner.

Some tips provided by the packers and movers companies can be considered to shift the plants in a hassle free manner to the new destination:-

Watering the Plants on Regular Basis:-

It is very much important to ensure that the watering of plants is done on the regular basis. The providers of the home shifting services in India advice to give water to the plants three days before the move and immediately after reaching the new location. If the plants are watered on the moving day also, then there are chances that the water can leak through the pots and damage other items.

Do not keep the Plants in Dark for Several Days:-

If you some varieties of indoor plants in the new location in India that can remain in the darkness for many days, then there is no problem at all. However, if there are plants where exposing them to the sunlight is absolutely essential, then there is a big problem. If the distance is very long, then if possible, go through the packing and moving tips to move the plants in the open air transportation vehicle so that they can get the desired sunlight.

Taking Cuttings of the Plant:-

If you decide not to take the plants with you, then it makes quite a sense to take their cuttings. The India packers and movers firms advice that the cuttings of most of the plants can last for many days. It is vital that the cuttings must be stored in a high quality plastic bag.

So, as you can see that moving with the plants is not a very burdensome task. All you need to do here is to follow the tips of the packers and movers service providers and find yourself surrounded by green plants at the new destination.