How Are Bovine Tissues Used For Designing Biocompatible Heart Implants?

Innovation in medical technology and science has helped in treatment of multiple diseases. The pericardial tissue from bovine species helps in designing valves and catheters for heart. The reason bovine tissue is used for tissue engineering is for its biocompatibility and reduces immune rejection.

The bovine pericardial tissue is used for custom designing heart valves as well as transcatheter for making heart values. It helps in the production of tricuspid as well as pulmonic values. Advance technology is used in development of the medical device and successful implants.

  • End to End Tissue Manufacturing and Engineering Service

The tissue design and development from bovine and porcine is obtained for the development of the heart valves. However, the tissues need a complete analysis and testing to conduct an assessment for any disease or evaluation to reduce risk of infection or contamination. This is essential step to minimize outbreak of disease.

The tissues are custom designed and developed with help of expert inside state-of-the-art lab and mandatory tests are provided. The process even required tissue fixation where the tissue is cross-linked. It is crucial that the tissue is designed considered FDA Compliance and all the necessary risk assessment is done.

  • Use of the Bovine Tissue for Development of Heart Valves

The heart valves that are designed and made from bovine pericardium tissue are compatible for use as human heart valves. A good manufacturing company helps in engineering tissue patch as well as custom design the valves for the patients. All the necessary certifications and approval makes it easy to use bovine tissue.

  • The tissues from bovine or porcine which are procured are first cross-linked to each other. It is tested for the biocompatibility as per the FDA guidance and ISO 10993 to ensure it is safe for use.
  • The tissue needs to be treated with viral inactivation so that it does not cause any viral infection in later stage. The functional and feasibility testing is done for the manufacturing.
  • The bovine pericardium is used largely in development of heart prosthetics like heart valves, dural closure as well as surgical buttressing. It is cross-linked before it is used for manufacturing of the heart valves.

The bovine tissue is used as it has outstanding physical properties and it has low moisture content which helps in reducing its chemical cross-reaction. The tissue is cross-linked to multiple types of proteins which helps in enhancing its overall immune-tolerance and improves its stability.

  • Harvest and Processing of the Bovine Tissue for Implants

The pericardium is double layers and it is harvested from the bovine or porcine species as a raw material for the heart valves.t There are various types of pericardium from bovine including cross-linked ones or ones which are treated minimally without many chemicals.

It is crucial to choose manufacturers which produce high quality bovine tissues which are checked for its quality. The pericardial tissues for sale are checked for its quality and biocompatibility and treated to ensure that it shows reduced rate of infection. The heart valves and other implants should be free of immune reactions for implantation in body.