Honda Caliper: Enhancing Performance with Goodyear Brakes

Boost Your Honda’s Braking System with Our Exceptional Calipers

For Honda owners, maintaining optimal performance and safety is crucial, particularly concerning the braking system. At the heart of this system, the brake caliper is vital. Our Honda caliper range is engineered to offer outstanding braking capabilities, durability, and reliability. Suitable for models like the Honda Civic and Insight, as well as the Acura EL, these calipers ensure your Honda operates at its best.


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Why Our Honda Calipers Are the Top Choice:

Enhanced Longevity with AntiOx Coating

Our calipers boast a special AntiOx coating, which is crucial for warding off rust and corrosion. This not only prolongs the life of the calipers but also maintains their aesthetic, keeping your Honda looking great.


All-Inclusive Installation Kit

Our calipers come with everything needed for installation, including bleeder screws, mounting brackets, and all necessary hardware. This complete set makes installation effortless and quick, ensuring your brake system operates flawlessly with new components for optimal hydraulic function and piston operation.


Superior Corrosion Protection

With the advanced AntiOx Max coating, our calipers are exceptionally resistant to corrosion and adverse weather, ensuring longevity and dependable braking performance. Enhanced with high-temperature rubber seals, our calipers maintain peak condition through various conditions.


Sustainable Production Practices

We commit to environmental responsibility by using 85% less energy and materials in our manufacturing processes. Each caliper undergoes rigorous testing and inspections to guarantee both safety and quality, aligning effectiveness with ecological consciousness.


Caliper Compatibility:

Our calipers are precisely engineered for specific Honda models, ensuring a perfect fit:


Front Driver Side Brake Caliper: Acura EL (1997-2000), Honda Civic (1996-2011), Honda Insight (2010-2014).


Benefits of Choosing Our Honda Calipers:

Enhanced Braking: Our calipers provide a smoother, more responsive braking experience.


Increased Durability: Thanks to the AntiOx and AntiOx Max coatings, our calipers are protected from the elements, greatly extending their service life.


Straightforward Installation: With complete kits and detailed instructions, installing our calipers is hassle-free.


Uplifted Safety Standards: Through thorough testing and inspections, each caliper adheres to stringent safety protocols.


Eco-friendly Approach: Our manufacturing processes minimize environmental impact.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I verify fitment for my vehicle?

A: Our calipers are tailored for specific Honda and Acura models. Check the compatibility list to match your vehicle model.


Q: What advantages does the AntiOx coating offer?

A: Our proprietary AntiOx coating surpasses traditional coatings in protecting against rust and corrosion, ensuring enhanced durability and consistent performance.


Q: Is installing the calipers complex?

A: No, the process is straightforward. Each kit includes necessary parts and detailed guidelines, simplifying the installation for even those with basic mechanical knowledge.


Q: Are these calipers quality assured?

A: Absolutely. Each unit undergoes extensive pressure testing and scrutiny to meet the highest quality and safety standards, providing reliability and peace of mind.



Choosing to upgrade with our premium Honda calipers is an excellent investment for any Honda owner aiming to significantly improve their vehicle’s braking capabilities, extend its service life, and ensure overall safety. With advanced features such as the proprietary AntiOx coating, our calipers not only prevent rust and corrosion but also maintain their functional integrity and visual appeal over prolonged use. This ensures that your vehicle remains both aesthetically pleasing and operationally sound.


The inclusion of a comprehensive installation kit with every purchase makes the upgrade process straightforward and convenient, even for those with minimal mechanical expertise. This kit includes all necessary components and detailed instructions, simplifying what could otherwise be a complex installation process. By making the upgrade hassle-free, we help Honda owners save time and avoid potential installation errors, which can be crucial for maintaining the optimal performance of the braking system.


Moreover, our commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly manufacturing processes reflects our dedication to reducing environmental impact while delivering high-quality products. Each caliper undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to meet stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring that every component offers reliability and peace of mind.


Enhancing your Honda’s safety and performance with our top-notch calipers today will not only elevate your driving experience but also contribute to safer road conditions. Visit our website or contact our customer support to find the perfect braking solution for your Honda, and drive with confidence knowing you have made a responsible and effective upgrade.