Hiring a Python Developer? Here’s what you need to know

When hiring Python developers, there are several things you need to know to make sure you’re making the right decision. In this article, we’ll go over the top five things you need to consider before hiring Python developers and how each of them will affect your business in the long run.

Python Developers Are in Demand

With its simple design and clean syntax, Python has quickly become one of today’s most popular programming languages. Because of its flexibility and simple learning curve, it is easy for even non-programmers to learn. That’s why more companies are using it for web development; according to Stack Overflow’s 2018 developer survey, 34% of developers use it as their primary language.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Python Developer?

You want to hire top talent, but it’s expensive. Where do you even start when hiring developers? How much does it cost to hire python developers? Are there ways around spending so much on developers, or are high salaries just part of running a business these days? What’s an acceptable rate for hiring companies vs hourly-paid freelancers, and how can I find someone at that rate if they exist at all.

How Do I Know if A Candidate is Qualified?

One of your key duties as a hiring manager is vetting applicants. In order to ensure that they are qualified, it’s important that you establish how to measure their performance beforehand. That way, even if they don’t work out in one role, they can be rehired for another position in your company later on down the line.

Why Should I consider hiring an experienced developer?

First and foremost, hiring an experienced developer can bring a lot of value to your company. The better they are at their craft, the more value they’ll bring. An experienced developer will have an expert understanding of different programming languages and be familiar with commonly used libraries in his field. They’ll also already have connections in other companies who may be interested in working with them in some capacity.

What Skills Does My Python developer Need To Have?

One of the most important skills to have when hiring a Python developer is fluency in one or more of its many frameworks. There are currently four major ones (Django, Flask, Pyramid and web2py), which can be used interchangeably for nearly every project. A good developer should also understand code versioning tools like Git or Mercurial and be able to use both Unix and Windows-based operating systems well.

Can A Developer Learn New Languages Quickly?

I’ve hired developers over 100 times. Some of them have been better than others. One thing I’ve noticed is that some developers are very quick at learning new technologies, frameworks and languages while others struggle with it. This quickness can be incredibly beneficial in today’s ever-changing technology landscape. Knowing how quickly they learn will help you figure out whether or not they’re worth your time and money.

Do I Need An Onsite/Offshore Team? Or Both.

There’s no universal answer to which model is better. Every company has different needs and processes, so hiring either or both offshore and onsite teams makes sense depending on your business’s specific situation. In general, though, here are some guidelines

Choosing The Right Company For My Project.

When hiring pytthon developers, there are a few things you should consider first. First, take some time and research prospective companies and their portfolio of work. Having nothing more than an email address or mobile number can be risky; make sure they have an actual web presence with virtual portfolios (or at least links to individual projects). This way, you can better judge how suitable your project is for them.

Looking For a Freelancer or Agency Instead Of An Agency, Inc.?

You may want to work with freelancers instead of an agency because they’re usually more cost-effective and give you more direct contact with individuals responsible for specific projects. That said, when hiring a freelancer or agency, make sure it’s someone who has real experience working with python developers and DevOps specialists.

April 15, 2022

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