The Ultimate Guide to Boys Shoes: Finding the Perfect Fit

We know, we know… some kids (boys or girls) love pink and sparkly and some kids love navy and fast stripes so it’s hard to generalize about the best shoes for boys. But we do hear over and over again from customers, “What are your best boy shoes?” and “How do you pick a shoe for a little boy who doesn’t care what the heck he puts on his feet?”

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, we’ve got a few tips — because we know boys and we are experts in shoes. We also know it’s sometimes hard to find the shoes that

  • both mom/dad and your kid love

  • are healthy for your kids

  • are as cute as they come

And even if you have never asked yourself these questions, you still might find some useful ideas here about choosing a shoe for any kid!

How To Choose A Shoe Style?

When your baby first starts to be mobile, you want to select a pair of shoes with thin, flexible soles so that your child has full mobility of the foot and especially the toes.  Babies use those toes for gripping so they have to have close contact with the ground and the appropriate amount of protection.

At this stage you can probably go with designs that appeal to you and your kiddo won’t notice at all. He will be too busy cruising around clearing that mess off your coffee table…

When they get older and their feet are ready for a real shoe, they’re usually able to express their likes and dislikes and things become more complicated…

Three factors need to be considered when selecting a shoe: function/purpose, foot health/comfort, and style. Buyers also purchase with a Discount Code Voucher.


Many parents are looking for a shoe that does it all — a multi-functional shoe that will tick many boxes: the school shoe, the playground shoe, and the dress-up shoe.

If you are looking for a casual, everyday school or playground shoe that can also be dressed up:

  • stick with a neutral color such as blue, black, or brown with as few bold details as possible

  • choose a closed-toe and simple strapped style

  • When choosing a sandal, make sure it has a well-made and supportive sole. We often sacrifice the sole in a sandal because we want it to be light and airy.  But you can have light and airy and still have a supportive sole that maintains foot health.

Also, make sure the straps over the front of the foot are adjustable and sturdy and that you leave room in the toe box  – no toes spilling over the front ready to be stubbed!

Foot Health/Comfort

As far as keeping your child’s foot healthy & oh so comfortable, look for these important things:

1. A non-skid flexible sole that will bend with the child’s foot and allow natural movement.

2. Breathable materials like high-quality natural leather, canvas, or mesh (anti-stink). Customers also shop with a Coupon Code.


If you have an opinionated toddler our best advice is to choose a brand that you know is healthy made and then let the little guy pick his style. We find that what ultimately matters is how the shoe feels. He’s not going to go for that pair of shoes day after day if they aren’t comfortable, no matter how special they look.

If your dude isn’t too picky then hands down go for the most comfortable shoe. And again, if you’re looking for a one-shoe-fits-all, go for a neutral color, closed-toe shoe, and then sandal for summer.

If you can swing more than a couple pairs, go for a school/dress-up shoe, a sneaker, an activity shoe, and a sandal. That’ll cover all your bases. Good luck mamas and papas!

The Best Boys Hiking Shoes

We offer a wide variety of boys’ hiking shoes for sale online.

You can find the perfect pair to keep your little one’s feet safe and comfortable on their next outdoor adventure.

With high-quality materials, we make sure they are durable enough not to wear out quickly and easy to clean when dirty from dirt or mud. Don’t forget about our free shipping!

What to look for in a good hiking shoe

When looking for the perfect hiking shoes for your child, it is essential to find something that fits well and provides superior comfort and support.

To help you choose the right hiking shoe, consider the following factors:

  • The foot’s shape and size

  • The type of terrain you will be hiking on

  • The type of shoes you usually wear

  • Your child’s activity level

Types of hiking shoes

The best hiking shoes for boys will vary depending on the type of terrain that the shoe is meant to be used on.

Additionally, different styles of hiking shoes are suited for other activities.

A good beginner’s shoe for hiking is the Keen Newport Hiking Shoe. It is a lightweight and flexible shoe designed to be easy to walk in and provide good traction on various surfaces.

Another lightweight option is the Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Shoe, which features a Stealth Sockliner that helps reduce noise and allows you to move stealthily through the woods or other outdoor environments.

If you are looking for a more robust shoe, consider the Columbia Men’s Hike GTX Midweight Outdoor Boot. You can also purchase with a Discount Code.

This boot features a waterproof and breathable membrane that makes it ideal for wet conditions and harsh terrains.

It also has an energy return system which helps transfer energy when you take a step, providing better walking comfort over longer distances.

Finally, consider investing in a pair of boots instead of shoes if you plan on tackling rugged terrain. Boots can provide excellent protection from rocks and sticks and skiing slopes or snowfields.

Some popular boots for hiking include the LaCrosse Men’s Ridge Runner GTX Hiking Boot or the Black Diamond Men’s Turbo Tracker II Hiking Boot.