Google Search Not Showing Your Website? Get SEO Assistance

Is Google search not showing your Website? If you are internet, you can’t ignore search engines. You have to rely on Top search engines such as Google in order to get visitors or traffic into your website.


You can do a simple test to check whether your website has been indexed by Google of not, simply by doing a search with its exact domain name. Example:



If you can’t see your website in the search results or you think that the ranking is really low, then you should get serious about business.

For non-SEO individuals it is hard to understand and even more complicated to figure out how a Website can rank in a search engine. The field of Search Engine Optimization is an increasingly evolving field where things may get more complicated every year. It may puzzle a non-SEO person, but for SEO experts, this is getting more and more fun!


Getting ranked in the top slots is very important for your site. The large chunk of internet users doesn’t scroll beyond the first page of the search results. If your website is not indexed on the first page of the results, then chances are there that you won’t get the desired traffic.

You may be wondering why your site is not ranked, right? Well, here are the probable reasons:

# Your website is too new and Google has not yet indexed it

# Your site is not well optimized for the search engines to crawl properly

# The Meta Content, the Keyword Saturation, and other SEO factors are not right

# Maybe your site has been banned or penalized by Google.

# You might have blocked search engines from crawling into your site on your Settings


Once you have identified the possible or the real cause, it is important to get a proper SEO Audit. You can get the SEO audit done by an experienced SEO Agency. The agency experts would audit, evaluate and find out the problems behind it.

Further, if you want it, you can devise a customized SEO strategy for your website with the assistance of this SEO organization. All necessary tasks including on-site and off-site optimization can be hired through an affordable package. A target of 6-9 months may be locked for your website to appear on Google index or search results. And soon, your website too would be visible to your audience.