Global Psychedelic therapeutics market is estimated to be worth over USD 6.5 billion in 2030, predicts Roots Analysis

A growing body of evidence suggests that using psychedelics, such as psilocybin and LSD, in combination with psychotherapy, can treat the symptoms of several mental health conditions, including depression and substance use disorders

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Global Psychedelic Therapeutics Market, 2020-2030” report to its list of offerings.

The report features an extensive study of the current market landscape, offering an informed opinion on the likely adoption of these therapies over the next decade. It features an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of various stakeholders engaged in this domain. In addition to other elements, the study includes:

  • A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of drug developers engaged in the development of psychedelic therapeutics
  • Tabulated profiles of prominent psychedelic therapeutics developers. shortlisted on the basis of the number of pipeline products).
  • Detailed profiles of developers of next generation immune checkpoint modulators (shortlisted on the basis having two or more psychedelics-based therapies in phase II clinical studies and above).
  • An insightful analysis of clinical trial sites where the studies have been / are being conducted for evaluation of various psychedelic therapeutics.
  • A list of key opinion leaders (KOLs) within this domain, and detailed 2×2 matrices to assess the relative experience of key individuals who were shortlisted based on their contributions (in terms of involvement in various clinical studies) to this field.
  • A detailed analysis of nearly 545 grants that have been awarded to research institutes engaged in psychedelic therapeutics projects, in the period between 2015 and 2020 (till May).
  • An analysis of the partnerships that have been established in the recent past (2017-2020 till May),
  • A detailed analysis of the various mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in this domain, highlighting the trend in the number of companies acquired between 2017-2020.
  • A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of the current and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listed below)
  • Target Disease Indication
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Trauma
    • Pain Disorder
    • Sleep related Disorder
  • Origin of Psychedelic Substance
    • Natural
    • Synthetic
  • Type of Psychedelic Substance
    • Gamma-hydroxybutyrate
    • Ketamine
    • MDMA
    • Psilocybin
  • Route of Administration
    • Oral
    • Intranasal
    • Sublingual
  • Key Geographies
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia-Pacific

Transcripts of interviews held with the following senior level representatives of stakeholder companies

  • Andrew Chadeayne (Founder & Chief Executive Officer, CaaMTech)
  • Janakan Krishnarajah (Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer, iX Biopharma)
  • Alexander Speiser (Chief Operating Officer, Orthogonal Thinker)
  • Tracy Cheung, (Chief Communications Officer, COMPASS Pathways)

Key companies covered in the report 

  • Celon Pharma
  • iX Biopharma
  • MAPS Public Benefit
  • MindMed
  • Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Jazz Pharmaceutical

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