Frustrated of Seeing Orbi Magenta Light? Let’s Resolve This!

The magenta light on your Orbi simply means that it has no internet connection or it has no connection with the satellite. Wipe out that sweat from your forehead because we have got you covered. In this article, you will get some of the topmost fixes to troubleshoot Orbi router magenta light issue. So, stop getting frustrated and continue reading this article.

Orbi Magenta Light [Resolved]

Below mentioned are the topmost fixes that will surely help you fix the issue in discussion in a snap.

Restart when Orbi Magenta Light dispaly

You can try troubleshooting the issue by applying this basic yet effective fix first. Yes, restarting is the utmost fix that can help you troubleshoot any small or big issue happening with your Orbi from the comfort of your home. Hence, without thinking much, scroll down a little and know how to restart the Orbi.

Step1: Turn off your Orbi.

Step2: Keep the Orbi turned off for 10-15 minutes.

Step3: After waiting for the mentioned time, you can turn the Orbi back on.

Upon turning on the Orbi, the power LED on it will blink amber. It means that your Orbi is booting up. And, once it is booted up, the power LED will light solid green.

In this way, you can give the Orbi a fresh start by restarting it. Wasn’t that easy?

Connect Your Orbi and Satellite

On the off chance, the restating process doesn’t prove helpful, then you can try this trick to make things happening. The trick is to place your Orbi and the satellite at a safe distance. And, once you are done placing them at a safe distance (closer), then press the sync button on your Orbi and within a minute, press the sync button on the satellite.

Once the devices are successfully synced, the magenta light won’t frustrate you anymore. To check if the connection between the two (Orbi and satellite) is fruitful, access Orbi login page from a computer or laptop. And, if you have a mobile phone, feel free to use it.

Cable connection between Orbi and satellite is also good. Just insert one end of the CAT6 (recommended) cable in Orbi and other and in satellite.

Call Your Internet Service Provider

What happened? The above-mentioned two fixes doesn’t prove helpful? Yes? Don’t bang your head against the wall. We are still beside you. What you can do to get rid of Orbi magenta light issue is to call your ISP right away. Just in case, if he has put down the internet services down for maintenance, ask him to resume them as soon as possible. Also, you can ask your ISP to upgrade your existing data plan.

Change the Location when Orbi Magenta Light display

Still going mad because of the same issue? If yes, then don’t blow the fuse. We haven’t left your back. In the event, the above-mentioned fixes haven’t prove to be helpful, then you can try changing the current location of your Orbi.

But, the new location you choose for your Orbi shouldn’t be away from the satellite. If needed, relocate the satellite as well.

Now, the question arises, where to place the device (s). Well, they should be placed at center-most and higher area of your home. And, you must avoid placing them in corner, near to thick walls, and windows. But, it doesn’t mean that you keep them inside your closet, behind computer or curtain, or beneath a table. They should be placed on an open, clean and well-ventilated area.

Update Firmware

An outdated firmware can also be one of the biggest causes behind getting the Orbi magenta light issue. To overcome with the issue, update Orbi firmware right away.

Don’t have enough knowledge to perform the firmware update process? Yes? No worries! Just click on the term highlighted above and get the Orb’s firmware updated in a matter of minutes.

The Last Words

With the hope of helping you to troubleshoot Orbi magenta light issue, we are wrapping up our article. Anticipating that the fixes outlined above have vanished the magenta light from your Orbi system. If yes, then it will be a great thing for us.

In the end, we suggest you bookmark this article. Why? If you encounter with the same issue again, you will have the fixes at your fingertips.

Thank you for staying connected!

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